Inner balance

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Should inner balance be changed to swap out (combat advantage equal to armor penetration) to (deflection equal to awareness)? Would this be too easy? It just feels like the feat was created under the assumption that all four stats were expected to have the same cap, combat advantage cap is way higher than armor penetration cap though.


  • flublblblu
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    I think that inner balance is absolutely terrible as now. For it to be okay, I think that to make sense, it should be something like:
    crit = armor pen and defense = deflect (and even so, clerics have no reason for high deflect). Accuracy and crit avoid shouldn't need to be taken into account since they change based on your stats.
    I think an interesting change would be that it also automatically convert judgement produced from encounters to divinity, it would help some builds.

    I think nothing will change though
  • rjc9000
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    These stat ratio things are silly and I would just not tie them to stats at all, as pointed out, nobody wants to ruin their stats for a meager bonus.

    On GF for example, we have a feat called Crushing Blows, which gives the chance to deal an extra hit of damage based on a ratio between ArmorPen and Power. Nobody in their right mind will ruin their Power stat for the sake of more ArmorPen, and as a result, barely anyone uses this feat (besides, the alternative is much much better).

    I would rather tie them to ability scores, since you don't have to ruin your stats with the ability rolls, in addition to incorporating ability scores into more things besides being background bonuses that barely influence your character.