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Warlock and wizard camera/at-wills bugs still not fixed nor addressed



  • burnahbros#7516 burnahbros Member Posts: 72 Arc User
    I've noticed the Wizard at-will bug for years. At least 4 years to be exact. It always happens when you are charging an at-will like storm pillar or scorching burst and the enemy you are targeting dies before you release or as you are releasing the at-will. Not sure if it's my DoT killing the enemy or if it's another player killing the enemy. I think both are possible because it happens when in an instance solo but more often when with other players i.e. dungeon or heroics encounter.
  • wimin#9302 wimin Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    It does happen to me as well, especially in dungeons. I have a wizard thaumaturge class, I always keep the shield on, and the right click at-will activates first.
    Wimin, the legendary archmage of thaumaturgy. //Level 80 wizard (main) // // Level 80 Fighter (second) //

  • wimin#9302 wimin Member Posts: 15 Arc User
    Update: This bug also happens with Barbarian and Fighter class, not always but in skirmishes.
    Wimin, the legendary archmage of thaumaturgy. //Level 80 wizard (main) // // Level 80 Fighter (second) //

  • amarylliscandyamarylliscandy Member Posts: 17 Arc User
    Paladin also suffer At will issues.
    Happens more often then either of my Wizard's & Warlock's issues. Playing Oathkeeper myself, Justicar pally have mentioned seeing this too. Maybe one will also be able to give details. I sympathize with the Wizard's & warlock players.They have already given the answers I would have mentioned.

    -Is there any specific area/queue that you are noticing this happen in? No.
    -Are you in a party with others when this happens?  Both
    -How often are you seeing this? VERY often on the Paladin. Every few minutes

    -Is it usually when you're traveling to quests, in the middle of doing a quest, after fighting for a few already?
    After mob has died, boss died, most often. Locations: Campaigns/questing, Dungeons, Trials, MEs. unsure if there is any area it does not happen.

    -Which at-wills fire? The first at-will slot? The second at-will slot? Both in succession? Both of my slotted at wills. [Radiant slam + Valorous strike] Happens after all enemies are downed or sometimes if I kill the last but not always. The character is only stuck in combat visually, in a awkward position half way through one of the at wills. (Note) Simply moving any direction used to fix it, but worked on & off. Other times player needed to: Jump, use an at will(ex. A swing of Valor at will) or use an encounter, to get out of this stance back to normal.

    -When the at-wills fire, are you holding down W or just moving naturally?
    No(?) Unless Radiant slam was used, the character is often already at target. In the case of Radiant slam [The at will that uses the shield] Some players may have traveled some small distance. Hard to say. Most of us had already been at the target.

    -Do you have any other Encounter Powers/Buffs active when this happens (ex. Shield)?
    I have had the issue happen after interacting to go into ME (after resonance was just set)
    Possible encounters that may have been on cool down at other times: Sacred Weapon, Divine Touch, Burning Light,

    Hopefully this helps I would @ this at some one but I am tired, I have no idea who to direct this too anyway.


  • apoloclipse#6224 apoloclipse Member Posts: 8 Arc User
    Having the same issue for wizard at will Strom Pillar, observing the issue for the past 4 months already.
    Honestly, I do like this game but at this point I am considering to quit since I learned that these bugs are ongoing for many years.
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