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Class balance in the future

mcfobmcfob Member Posts: 76 Arc User
Please begin addressing unbalance issues quickly, waiting a couple mods (a year) to get tweaks is too long. People spend a ton of time and resources to get their main toons to end game so they can enjoy participating in end game content. Then, a new mod or release comes along and their main's class gets the short end of the stick and nobody wants that class/paragon path in their party. Then we must point out the weakness on the forums repeatedly, with little or no response from the dev team, and wait several mods or more until the class/paragon path becomes viable again. This is agonizing and frustrating, and leads to many old friends leaving for other games, feeling cheated out of all the time and resources they spent getting their favorite class/paragon path to end game. In this day and age, you cannot ask people to wait a year for their class/paragon path to become end game viable again, there are just too many other options out there. I know, it is not easy to level the playing field, but please consider spending some time to frequently make adjustments, and monitor and test and read feedback, so deficiencies can be addressed promptly.
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