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Why cant the 3rd tier be opened after the hell pit buyout

gunk#7763 gunk Posts: 21Member Arc User
I have received 0 tokens of flame, no quest is available after hell pit buy out, The Token of Achievement, is not acct wide, but stuck on wrong player. DO we think maybe these can be addressed these issues. I have been the strongest proponent of NW for 6 years. I have paid my own money on VIP in an attempt to show my support, no more. Tired of waiting, think maybe someone there needs to step up and take a moment to fix some stuff rather than just moving on to break the next thing. Have some pride in the game you work on, if you are not enjoying your job, move on and let someone in that can and will put in a professional effort.


  • taylaamogintaylaamogin Posts: 24Member Arc User
    I don't think this is a 'fix' issue. It's made that way. Once you buy the pkg, no more runs in game. Maybe they try to get ppl to buy more than 1 pkg to get all the tokens they need for best rewards??
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