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Caped stats and passive item buffs

I have been told that if your stats are already over cap then items that give extra buff stats like curtunk's furry sleeves will be pointless. Is this true? If so then most the gear in the game that has buffs is pointless other then power buff.


  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,507Member Arc User
    If you're at the cap of a stat, then yes it's worthless. That gear is meant to help get you to stats in sometimes creative methods.

    If you don't, for example, need more combat advantage then using a piece of gear that adds to it is pointless. At that point you swap to something useful.

    It's only worthless to those that have hit the caps without needing that gear.
  • airavis1#8164 airavis1 Posts: 22Member Arc User
    ok thanks for confirmation
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