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Pleeeeeease nerf Defiant Souls

shadrakt2shadrakt2 Posts: 120Member Arc User
Again I come with a humble plea to the Devs: please please please do something about the Defiant Souls in TONG. It's just not right. Twice this week I was in a party that sailed through to the end with no problems, only to be forced to abandon at Ras Nsi because we couldn't kill the Defiant Souls.

Please Devs, either nerf their HP, or get rid of some of the skeletons that get in the way, I don't know, do something. It's not fun.

Or boost the difficulty of the remainder of the dungeon, so the party can tell right away that they won't be able to finish. This inconsistency is just too frustrating.


  • kreatyvekreatyve Posts: 9,937Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Community Moderator
    Can you please provide some evidence (combat logs, ACT logs, etc.) that they are OP? Asking for something to be nerfed without providing numbers that it's doing too much is generally counter-productive.
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  • oldtimer#7525 oldtimer Posts: 102Member Arc User
    It's a dungeon with a small DPS check at the end and you fail the DPS check so you can't complete it, sounds like it's working as intended.

    A single well geared DPS ( well geared =/= best in slot ) can kill all the souls by themselves, if your party with 3 DPS can't do it then the problem is not the content. Buffing the rest of the dungeon so you can't sleep walk through it i do agree with.
  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,507Member Arc User
    Souls are fine the way they are. No need to make ToNG even easier than you already have.

    Just put the chests at the entrance if you're going to keep making the content easier.
  • rikitakirikitaki Posts: 211Member Arc User
    In my eyes the problem is more about not having enough time to approach the souls/get the encounter powers out of CD, anyway... I do not like dps checks after 30 min (or longer) run, but whatever - there is no real incentive to intentionally go to that dungeon anymore, so...

    My advice is to look at paingiver before the Orcus. If there is one DPS that carries the group, disband. It is that simple - because otherwise there will be swapping of party members after a few failures at the final boss. Of course, having 3 weak DPS happens to be even worse case, but I guess you can already judge the situation if you know what is waiting for you...

    Another thing is "do not get caught by the red areas". - Let that happen a few times and even a couple of escaping souls can cause a wipe... or you are bound to use scroll of mass life - with those you are fine having up to 5 souls escaping. 6 is too much in any case, but for the rest you have the Zen market merchandise.
  • micky1p00micky1p00 Posts: 2,931Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited December 2
    The sequence is static, if Ras Nisi doing the circular attack where there is red AoE on everything except near him, then souls will be next, just save the encounters at that point.
    If not sure, do not spam encounters at the same time, look at the timers, and don't use something unless you have another coming off CD in the next 5 seconds (for example). Same with dailies.

    Same idea goes for LoMM first boss, and so on. Getting maximum dps overall, in some cases is detrimental to success when you need to burst in specific times. Sacrifice overall dps, but get better chance to succeed by holding and saving encounters and dailies for the right moment.

    But I would bet the issue is much simpler, Combat Advantage.
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