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Yet another warlock thread

gonzakotwigonzakotwi Member Posts: 267 Arc User
edited November 2019 in Bug Reports (PC)

There is a cooldown of about 1 sec on stamina regeneration after usage of shift button. No other class has a cooldown on stamina regen
There is an offset between shadow slip movement and its control immunity. Cc immunity happens later (again about 1 sec)

Some bosses and mobs (such as the dragon in mad dragon lair, the dragons in dragon run, valindra) don't charge soul sparks.
When going in party with a soulweaver warlock, hellbringer's curses not show on mobs (visual bug)
Curse bite sometimes procs double when activating, consuming both charges and hitting for only 1
Curse bite is not affected by any cooldown reduction
Creeping death does not stack, rendering the feat useless.

Lingering sustain does not consider power or outgoing healing. Only magnitude and target incoming healing
Tab mechanic paired with essence of power sometimes shows no cooldown (visual bug, wont let you cast it again until cooldown is finished). Also priority in casting needs to go higher. It can be cancelled by the smallest fly passing by. Should only be cancelled with shadow slip
Consuming action needs a rework, giving 2 action points for consuming a curse is nothing
Warlock bargain wont remove negative status if you are alone, you need at least another char close for removing status from self

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