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ashbury#6333 ashbury Member Posts: 60 Arc User
Anyone run an archer build? I know melee is the way to go with higher damage output. However I have seen a few people say they can put out some pretty good single target dps with a hunter. I'm more interested in this for PvP but I tried making a build and I thought it was ok but not like others have said. I know I came across another hunter in Dom that hit hard. I dont know what he was doing differently but I wanna know! Haha Any info or pointers you can give is greatly appreciated! I know I should probably start with trading my weapon enchant for a Vorpal as I'm currently running a Dread.


  • tassedethe13tassedethe13 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 781 Arc User

    You can ask in pvp forum, you may have more answers if you aim to have a pvp build.
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