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How about Collection Vendor?

erevel09erevel09 Posts: 9Member Arc User
Hello everyone. Here is a basic idea behind the title (which could be extended):

Why not add said Collection Vendor to the game where you can buy stuff from collection pages (for gold or AD). Similar thing exist in Maze Engine store, but was not updated for quite long now. Some examples:

- if unlocked highest rank of artifact (mythic), one can buy replica, which can be transfered to other toons (would be bound to account on pickup) and there restored in similar way to say, barovia or relic weapons (or even rune-etching stuff...), but for some AD (and bound to character upon finishing restoration). That way we could equip other alts we have with stuff like PVP banners (those were pain to gain and are unobtainable atm as far as I know);

- if unlocked highest rank of artifact weapon (legendary), the same process. That way we could get transmutes too for stuff that is unobtainable again (relic weapons, sun weapons) or quite hard to get (watcher set).

Same goes for companions, mounts, event stuff and basically everything else, since whose would be bound to account, we couldn't sell it. And with everything having said AD (and/or gold) cost, it would make a bit more sense in my opinion.

As for companions: if one have for example Deepcrow Hatchling at legendary, there would be an option to get account bound one with the same rank as its present in collections tab (which is epic). This way companion still needs upgrades, but we get it bound and WAY cheaper in most cases (who wants to pay 675k again for the same companion - hands up)!

As for mounts themselves: the legendary ones only for speed bonus and skin. If one wants specific combat or equip power, said mounts should be gained the same way as they are now. This way we still need to get them, but no need to make all alts suffer from lack of speed.

What do you people think? Is that idea good or goes somehow too far?
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