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Sigh....primal paints...

lame22334lame22334 Posts: 108Member Arc User
edited November 10 in General Discussion (PC)
Does this appearance graphic appear anywhere else? i dont want to spend months of grinding just to destroy something for a simply appearance look. If it doesn't is there anyway to get those idols or omu treasures needed any faster to buy the silly things...they are so expensive. I dont wanna waste half my life grinding for an outdated item.


  • magdalena#1708 magdalena Posts: 82Member Arc User
    edited November 11
    The answers are no and no.You must do the campaign anyway and the rewards from campaign are enough to buy many primal paints.
  • magdalena#1708 magdalena Posts: 82Member Arc User
    edited November 11
    Plus you can get some neat boots and helms and gloves from hunts-and a cool trinket.
  • hustin1hustin1 Posts: 2,996Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    You can't go past the weekly cap for idols and treasures, but in Omu you can get to the cap faster by maxing out a shrine. That gives you 30 minutes to earn extra idols by killing enemies in Omu, and topping off a shrine at any time resets the timer to 30 minutes.
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