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The Masquerade of Liars Guide

percemerpercemer Member, Neverwinter Moderator Posts: 576 Arc User

Boo adventurers!

The Masquerade of Liars is coming up and you don’t want to be afraid of illusionists? You will find all the information about this event and we promise there are no tricks in this guide.

  • General presentation
  • How to participate and obtain Masquerade Tokens?
    • Daily quests
    • Pumpkins and Illusionists (Liar's Charms and Bags of Illusionist's Treats)
  • Illusionist's Mask and Empowered Illusionist's Mask
  • Annual Contest of Liars
    • Step 1 - choose a team.
    • Step 2 - gather some tasty treats from all over the sword coast.
    • Step 3 - profit.
  • Other rewards available in the Masquerade Store
    • Enchanted Broom Mount
    • Splinters
    • Transformation Potions
    • Masquerade Dye Pack
    • Spooky Masquerade Feast
    • Wandering Scarecrow
    • Skeleton
    • Fashion Masks
    • Fashion Set
General presentation

Neverwinter's Masquerade of Liars is based on the long-held festival of Liars' Night, traditionally held on the evening of the 30th day of the month of Marpenoth. Liars' Night originally paid tribute to Leira, the Goddess of Illusions, and Mask, the God of Trickery and thieves. Though both of these gods were slain over a century ago, Liars' Night lives on as a celebration of misrule, disguise and trickery.

During Liars' Night, folk of all walks of life don mundane or illusionary costumes to disguise themselves and play at being other than what they are. People also carve faces onto hollowed-out pumpkins to represent the person donning a mask, then place a lighted candle inside to represent the truth of their soul. By tradition, lies told and embarrassing things done while the candle is lit don't count against a person, and misfortune is supposed to come to anyone who intentionally blows out someone's candle or smashes their pumpkin.

Before the Spellplague, spells of illusion were very common during Liar's Night, and often the streets would be filled with illusionists performing for crowds of revelers. This tradition is slowly returning as the horrors of the Spellplague fade from memory. However, many towns are still cautious about allowing wizards of any kind to perform publicly, so wealthy folk have begun to schedule private illusion shows for their distinguished guests.

Tricks and pranks of all sorts are common on this night, and folk expect lies and foolishness. By custom no deals are made nor contracts signed during the day of Liars' Night, as no one trusts that both parties will abide by them. Pickpocketing used to be common during Liars' Night, so few folk carry much money with them. Instead, people fill their pockets and belt pouches with candles and treats. Traditionally, pick pockets are supposed to take the candy and leave a token in return, but this has translated over the years into people exchanging candies.

How to participate?

This event takes place only at the Protector Enclave, and your purpose is to obtain as much as you want Masquerade Tokens to purchase event rewards from the Masquerade Vendor located on event podium.

Masquerade Tokens can be obtained by completing the daily quests from the Masquerade Master.
  • Trade of Treats: Trade 5 Liar's Charms with Masquerade Illusionists for Bags of Illusionist's Treats.
  • Lore of Liars: Speak to the Masquerade Loremaster in the Moonstone Mask to learn more about the Masquerade of Liars.
  • Gathering Lies: Leave the Protector's Enclave to look for a Liar's Charms. Either find one from a defeated enemy or from a skill node.
The fastest way to farm and obtain a lot of Masquerade Tokens is to gather Liar's Charms. Liar's Charms can be obtained everywhere by defeating enemies of your level or opening skill nodes, but also by interacting with pumpkins at the Protector Enclave. Please note you can only interact with pumpkins if you have fewer than 5 Liar's Charms in your inventory, and by the way, you have also a chance to receive a temporary fashion mask from pumpkins.

Then, you need to trade your Liar's Charms with Masquerade Illusionists for Bags of Illusionist's Treats. Illusionists wander the streets and entertain the crowds with phantasmal transformations, appearing as monsters and notables to the delight of all.

Bag of Illusionist's Treats contains:
  • 2 or 3 Masquerade Tokens
  • an Illusionist's Mask (artifact), if you don't already own one.
And a chance to receive:
  • Beholder Piñata
  • Event food
  • Scandalous Rumors (refinement item)
  • Scurrilous Gossip (refinement item)
  • Purloined Letter (refinement item)
  • Veil of Mists (refinement item)
  • Veil of Shadows (refinement item)
Pumpkins and illusionists locations are indicated on the map below.

Illusionist's Mask is an artifact that anyone can easily receive by simply opening your first Bags of Illusionist's Treats. On use, become a random spooky monster for five seconds, then walk to your friends and watch them beckon. This artifact can be upgraded to legendary quality.

Once you own a legendary Illusionist's Mask and 1000 Masquerade Tokens you can trade it for a powerful Empowered Illusionist's Mask which can be upgraded to Mythic quality.

The Contest of Liars

The Contest of Liars is a little competition taking place throughout the Masquerade of Liars event.

Step 1 - choose a team.

All three teams can be found in the central courtyard around the Tree of Balance in Protector’s Enclave. Follow the instructions given by the Contest Master until you have chosen a team and you will be on your way!

Team choice is account-wide. Once you've chosen a team on one character, that choice extends to all other characters on that account.

In 2018, the teams were as follows: Maize Masters, Toil and Trouble, and Knotty Roots. Team Knotty Roots won on PC and Xbox One, and Team Toil and Trouble won on PlayStation®4. The winning teams will no longer be available the following year, and will be replaced by another team with a new reward. So choose your team wisely and recruit as many friends as you can!

In 2019, here are the teams that will be available:
  • PC and Xbox One: Maize Masters, Toil and Trouble, and Howling Lunatics.
  • PlayStation®4: Maize Masters, Knotty Roots, and Howling Lunatics.
Step 2 - gather some tasty treats from all over the sword coast.

Now that you have a team, the next step is pretty straightforward. Complete daily quests and add to your team’s stockpile of treats. When the contest ends, the team that has gathered the most treats wins the contest. Any members of that team, who have contributed the minimum amount, will qualify for a free gift.

The minimum required contribution can be tracked on the UI in the event tracker. This value is account wide so you can participate with any number of characters. The tallies for each team are hidden and the winner will not be revealed until the last day.

The daily tasks available for each team ask you to gather a variety of different treats in two ways. First, you must visit all of our hub areas and seek out Spectral Tricksters. While wearing your team’s mask you must ask them for a trick or a treat and hope that they are in a treat giving mood, because the tricks can be rather ghoulish.

The second task involves acquiring treats from the corpses of the enemies you defeat. This must also be done with the mask equipped. A word of warning: The mask uses the head slot so you must be extra careful when doing this kind of trick or treating.

Step 3 - profit.

Each team’s reward is a permanent illusion mask item that will grant you an illusion similar to the representative for that team. Winning team members who have contributed enough will get 1 free mask sent to them and will be able to purchase more at a discount on the event store. Anyone who was not a member of that team but contributed the minimum amount will be able to buy the winning team’s mask at full price.

For example, if Knotty Roots were to win all minimum contributing members of that team would get a free “
Visage of Roots” item in the mail. When they went to the event store they would see it listed as purchasable for a low AD cost. Members of the other teams would see “Visage of Roots” on the vendor for the full cost.

Enchanted Broom Mount

Acquiring this new mount: The broom mount was broken into 3 pieces and then scattered to the winds. Over time these pieces have been found in various places and if you collect them you can rebuild the broom and add it to your library of mounts. Broom Requirements are:
  • A handful of enchanted bristles x25
    • Can be found in Bags of Illusionist's Treats
    • Bristles will appear on the catch up merchant for masquerade tokens
  • Gnarled Broomstick
    • Sold by event Merchant for 200 Masquerade Tokens
  • Enchanted Witch's Sash
    • Can be found in Beholder Piñatas
  • 50,000 AD
  • 600 Masquerade Tokens
  • A sense of adventure
Splinters (companion)

Transformation Potions (25 Masquerade Tokens) – Feel larger than life, shrink down, or become a chicken or a wolf and give your friends a start. Careful with these! They’re not for the faint of heart.

Masquerade Dye Pack (25 Masquerade Tokens) – Dye your gear a bright orange and sinister black with the festive and spooky Masquerade Dye Pack.

Spooky Masquerade Feast (100 Masquerade Tokens) – serve a ghoulish feast at your Guild’s Great Hall!

Wandering Scarecrow (companion) – The Wandering Scarecrow returns with its terrifying gaze. It’ll send you running in a frightful craze!

Skeleton (companion) – Effective against other undead, giving meaning to know your enemy.

Fashion Masks - There are tons of masks to collect and outfit your character with! You’ll stand out from the crowd as more than a myth. Will you wear the Eye Tyrant Mask, the Mask of the Pit Fiend, Mask of Lurue, Mask of Sharess, Jack o’Liar Mask, Mask of the Owl, or Orcus Mask?

Fashion Set – Conceal your identity with the Headgear, Tunic, and Leggings of the Masquerade.


Mask Witness: Bear witness to the presence of Mask during the Masquerade of Liars.

ZEN Market

If you are missing some tokens, you can purchase a
Bag of Masquerade Tokens (125 ZEN) which contains 100 Masquerade Tokens

We hope this guide was helpful and you will enjoy the The Masquerade of Liars. Boo!
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