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Uprising Preview Patch Notes: NW.115.20190826c.36

terramakterramak Posts: 950 Member, Cryptic Developer Cryptic Developer
Release Notes

Content and Environment
  • A few floating objects on the event podium have been grounded.
  • Acquisitions Incorporated: Convention Infiltration: Some quest objectives no longer incorrectly advance when the player chooses non-advancing dialog options.
  • Maze Engine: A Matter of Dwarves and Farms: This quest is now consistently given at level 70, up from 60, so that players don't enter the instance at too low a level.
  • Protector's Enclave: Players can no longer fall through a particular corner of some stairs.
  • The instructions for beginning the Tyranny of Dragons campaign have been clarified.
Tales of Old: Throne of Idris
  • One specific artifact can no longer incorrectly be used while artifact powers are blocked by embellishments.
  • The progress display for Coins of Tales Told is once again visible.
  • Trinkets of Old can now properly be spent at the event store. They will disappear on Thursday!
  • The in-game achievements Yrlakka's Recon Operative and Zerthimon Reconciled now function more accurately to their descriptions.

Combat and Powers
Enchantments and Enhancements
  • Elven Battle Enchantment (Armor) now properly diminishes CC duration in PvP combat beyond the natural PvP CC reduction.
  • The Role Reversal boon fix has had its reversion reversed. (It's fixed again, and now properly functions as described.)
  • An issue has been addressed that could cause players to incorrectly revive from a fully-defeated state.
  • Githyanki: This companion no longer incorrectly moves bosses.
  • Some powers no longer incorrectly have a chance to cast without applying their stated cooldown.

Items and Economy
  • Demogorgon: Twisted Ichor is once again properly awarded upon achieving Silver or better in this encounter.
  • High-quality potions created by Alchemy at levels 71-80 now properly apply their buffs.
  • For players who had a token stuck in their inventory after purchasing the Gith Race Pack, that token has now been removed from their inventory.
  • Players can now properly purchase 1000 Rough Astral Diamonds for 300 Seals at all appropriate seal vendors.
  • Players who had added a Legendary Giant Toad mount to their stable without receiving the correct passive and combat powers now properly have those powers.

User Interface
  • When a repeating profession task completes, it no longer has a chance to unassign the artisan.

Character Art
Character Creation
  • The purchased hairstyles can now properly be applied to gith characters.
  • Halaster's Cloak now properly displays when used as an appearance item on female characters.


  • bigman99#8273 bigman99 Posts: 317Member Arc User
    "High-quality potions created by Alchemy at levels 71-80 now properly apply their buffs."
    If this goes live TYVM =)
  • alfalolzalfalolz Posts: 161Member Arc User
    now all we need for PVP is to fix Barbarians and Tanks SHIELD THROW that stuns while you shift it. Please address this issue, Cuz it puts imbalance in PVP quite heavily. Please please please
  • alfalolzalfalolz Posts: 161Member Arc User
    Also DISABLING companions in a NEW PVP map is gonna change things, can we look into it ASAP please ?
  • alfalolzalfalolz Posts: 161Member Arc User
    Also, Dear Taramak, can you consider adding for DPS Clerics some sort of control skills ( for example GEAS used to stun way back before) .... its a 19sec CD skill.... could you consider adding daze effect to it??? We are the only class that HAS NO control among all of the classes in PVP .... please please please !
  • mynaammynaam Posts: 837Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Repel should not be able to repel the boss in Demo. It is really irritating when the boss can't charge to green cause it gets stunned repel or frozen in ice
    There are more than BIS players in this game
    It has been 5 YEARS since last new class this is getting ridiculous
    Master expeditions is a good idea. Just extremely boring if it is only thing you do for 2 MODS
    Please do master/normal version of dungeons. This way content for all MOD 17 have nothing new for vast majority of player base
    Changes are getting so bad i would rather prefer no new changes (RIP ICE FISHING in winter fest)

  • c1k4ml3kc3c1k4ml3kc3 Posts: 1,118Member Arc User
    Wizard class still has a lot of broken mechanics that needs attention.

    These issues are affecting the gameplay and enjoyment and have been going on for the past three patches without anyone saying anything about them on the forums.

    These are just two out of my head that should be fixed.

    Cooldown on some powers (such as Steal Time) seems to be broken. Sometimes the spell will appear to be ready, but it is just a visual bug as the internal timer still ticks.
    Ray of Frost does not proc Vorpal even on the first hit. Magic Missile procs Vorpal on each first and subsequent hits.

    True Neutral
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