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Vanity pet RNG non existent

I have been doing the current CTA event on 4 different toons. I have received countless battlehorns and enchants. Have I seen a mount in the chest......No!!
Have I seen a vanity pet in the chest No !!

The only reason I've been spending my precious time doing this event is for the vanity pet, I don't need or want any more bound to character battle horns as I have to discard them. I know my rng sucks but come on this is ridiculous. I've run this since Thurs. This is day 3, final 🏅. And still no vanity pet.

Please please let me get the darned vanity pet.


  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,587Member Arc User
    I've suffered through this torment in the past myself. One time, I got the mount on my last run just minutes before the event ended.

    The NW gods are a sadistic lot.
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