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Fire damage is too high

gabrieldourdengabrieldourden Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,212 Arc User
edited October 2019 in Bug Reports (PC)
Fire damage seems to be not in line with other damage types in the game.

[Alliance] Le-Shan@gabrieldourden : [Combat (Self)] Critical Hit! Kabal's Chosen deals 105236 (210472) Fire Damage to you with Fire.

This is a dot I got in the River District by touching for a moment a fire area (Alagondar's champion fire on the ground). I'm a level 80 character with 306k hit points and 80k defense and got killed in a few seconds with no way to escape.

Puppet (2 star hunt) in Barovia is doing similar stuff.

Not to mention hits like this:

[Combat (Self)] Critical Hit! Kabal's Chosen deals 250794 Fire Damage to you with Fire.

This went straight through my defense, by the way.

Non-fire attacks in the River district deal far less damage.

This has been happening for a long time and I think somebody should take a look at it as I believe it is not WAI.

Le-Shan: HR level 80 (main)
Born of Black Wind: SW Level 80
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