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Problem with Boon Retraining

After I use a retraining token on my PvP loadouts, I used up all my boons points. The interface is still telling me I still have boon points to spend. I am wondering if this is glitching up my boons.

Steps to recreate this bug
1. Buy a retraining token.
2. Use up boon points until it reaches 0.
3. See if the interface says you have no boon points.

Obtained Results:
Interface says you have boon points to spend.

Expected Results:
Interface shouldn't say anything



  • poppy#8982 poppy Posts: 13Member Arc User
    I have the same issue as if a couple hours ago. I retrained used em all and that annoying little face on top of the screen won't go away. I spent another 100 Zen to roll again and try to get rid of it
  • lordseth1985lordseth1985 Posts: 301Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Yeah i'm having the same issue since last update/maintenance... Dunno why this is hapening, and because of that I even can't change loadouts since I'm getting a text box saying I have some points unspent.
    Seth QuickHands - Rogue, natural born assassin.
  • vidosck#8352 vidosck Posts: 6Member Arc User
    edited November 20
    same, probably reason why i can't change loadout aswell, very frustrating : "You cannot replace the contents of this loadout with the contents of your current loadout because you have not finished retraining or have spent fewer ability, power, feat, or boon points in your current loadout."

    My current loadout is maxed with all boons, i used all feats, power and ability points... Still i have that boon unused icon and still i can't swap loadout.
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