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General question about active Companions

schietindebuxschietindebux Posts: 4,291Member Arc User
Is there any plan or chance about making active companions viable again ?
Actually 99% of player, myself includet, run augments, preferably those that spend +1000 power, combat advantage , crit or anything else you miss.
Approximately 80% run a Bulette Pub (power/CA), the rest is about Polar Bear Cub (Crit/CA -> healer), Quasit and some others.
The choice is pretty small if you want to min-max.

Beside the better HP you gain by augments, the shared stats you gain are significantly better compared to an active companion, not to talk about active companions dying repeatedly in dungeonruns.
The dealt damage of companions in general can be considered to be "from no impact" in case you run a dps orientated setup.
So about >95% of all companions to chose from are no "real choice" in terms of competition because:
Lower stats, lower HP pool and less uptime.

There are few companions I find to be good in terms of gameplay by spending Combat Advantage as a feature for you (uptime like 50%) on a single target, wich is helpfull in solocontent for some classes, beside natural CA from positioning: Blink Dog, Swashbuckler, Pseudogragon, Yeth Hound, Panther, Cantankerous Mage (lev30) maybe some more.
Same as at least one spends Combat advantage for your teammates pretty constant: Black Death Scorpion (lev 30)

From my pov the game could win back some flavour in case you could chose from a wider spectrum of companions if only you adjust shared stats same as shared HP, actually HP with augment on my Oathkeeper 340k, with active companion 310k.
If we look into mod 18 the gap will get even bigger, since CA will gain more importance.
So this is no call for a nerf of anything but a buff towards something !

It is near impossible to join actual endcontent without an augment to reach stat caps.
Your game looks like being balanced arround a oneway setup, where 100% run augments inside endgame.
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