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Neverember's Recruitment - Acquisitions Inc rewards.

mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
I started a new character last week, mainly to unlock Gith race, but also decided to throw in on this event.

The rewards from the levelling boxes are pretty damned good, and the currency options also seem very useful. I hit L59 today and got the final box which took my "Neverember's Incentives" to 100.

I also started the AI campaign last week and maxed my 100 Acorn weekly cap, and completed the Job Faire task. I rolled up another 75 today and completed "Retrieval Operation".
The Neverember Recruitment tooltip says that you gain Neverember Incentives for completing AI tasks to a maximum of 200. (including the 100 from the boxes.)

Does anyone know when that kicks in? I've had none so far and have completed the first two tasks.

None of the tasks, or in fact anything on the AI campaign screen, show any connection with the Neverember Incentives either.

Is this a bug, or will they suddenly drop in lump sums later on?

I figure I can't even get as far as completing "Temple Intrusion" before the event ends, so... where do I get these Incentives?

Edit to add: I will NOT be happy if I end up running that bloody campaign again and not get these incentives. They are the ONLY reason I'm doing it.


  • mdarkangel#4696 mdarkangel Member Posts: 442 Arc User
    Acquisitions Inc. campaign was removed from this event (it was mentioned in the patch notes). During the last event, which was run concurrent with the release of the AI campaign, it was necessary to run the campaign to max out (100) your incentives on one character. This time around they have restructured the number of incentives received from the Adventure Rewards to max out the incentives on one character without the AI campaign.

    In order to earn the account max of 200 incentives you will need to level 2 characters.
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Member Posts: 1,598 Arc User
    Once again, a major change to something that doesn't make it into the in-game description.
    Ah well... at least that means I don't have to bother with that campaign again.

    It is frustrating that when making these changes no one thinks to bother to go into the event description and take the two minutes it would take to alter the text so that it fits with the actual process.
    Is that really a lot to ask?
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