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Steal Time Not Casting

fns2005fns2005 Posts: 180Member Arc User
I haven't noticed this before, but since Mod 17 I play more Arcanist. Sometimes Steal Time does not cast. It wont fire off, nothing will happen and it goes on cooldown. I am not dodge cancelling or anything, it just doesn't work sometimes. It's frustrating, please look into.


  • fns2005fns2005 Posts: 180Member Arc User
    It's somewhat random, but I do notice it happens when you're walking and pressing the button for Steal Time, it won't go off.
  • frogwalloper#6494 frogwalloper Posts: 721Member Arc User
    It's been like this since mod 16 first came out.
  • fns2005fns2005 Posts: 180Member Arc User
    If the lastest patch was supposed to fix this:

    "Some powers no longer incorrectly have a chance to cast without applying their stated cooldown."


    I still notice Steal Time fails to cast with certain combinations of powers. I notice it's usually after using at wills. I use storm pillar and ray of frost, then Steal Time sometimes doesn't cast. The overall frequency of the Steal Time bug seems less after the patch so that's good.
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