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Uprising Preview Patch Notes: NW.115.20190826c.18

terramakterramak Member, Cryptic Developer Posts: 961 Cryptic Developer
These notes include only the changes since NW.115.20190826c.14.

Release Notes

Content and Environment
  • Neverember's Recruitment: More Neverember's Incentives are granted from the level-up reward box at ranks 3 through 10.
  • Neverember's Recruitment: This event is no longer tied to Acquisitions Incorporated content.

Combat and Powers
Item Powers
  • The Death Defier's item powers (Death Defier's Accuracy, Focus, Guard, Might, Parry, Tenacity) now have a limit of 15 nearby enemies.

User Interface
  • Using a Campaign Completion Token no longer has a chance to cause information for the incorrect campaign to show up in the description panel.
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