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Tales of Old (Dread Vault) still impossible to do with 5 runs

exgardianexgardian Member Posts: 253 Arc User
edited September 2019 in Player Feedback (PC)
Self explanatory title.

I've playing as my main Fighter tank 26,5k IL with 620k HP (inside Dread Vault), and this is my final impressions after the last patch note:

First run: No problem
Second Run: Feeling that monster's and boss damage was increased by 50%. Yshiggol's HP has increased, but still completable.
Third run: Was my impression or the monster's damage increased a lot ? Many times I got 300k+ damage with melee attacks.
Fourth run: I think the monsters have now an extra Zero in armor penetration ratings...
Fifth run: Never tried with the current setting. Impossible to me to finish.

The last Tales of Old (Frozen Heart) was using the current Module 16 rating system, and I remember very well that it wasn't hard the way it is now to finish the dungeon event with 5 consecutive runs.

Seriously, even with this extra week, is still almost impossible to many players to get the Fabled Chapter, since a very very few have the gear to barely finish a 3x or 4x run.

Seriously, this is demotivating many people! Personally, I want to enjoy more this event, but I'm a little frustrated atm.

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  • navras#4653 navras Member Posts: 18 Arc User
    we have to avoid at-wills at the brain of 3. phase for not getting one shotted. How else can we beat it with tripled encounters at the 4th phase? I didnt even talk about massive add spawns at first and second bosses at the 3rd ant 4th phase. Lots of people have been waiting for this event. First, 16k ilv scaling, then this supposedly fix...
  • gaillodargaillodar Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    I would like to adress some mistakes with the event. Now I get that probably you guys have heard about all this, but it is still important to point out.
    Now obviously it is still extremely hard. With a top team you can maybe run it 3 times. So that alone would need to be dealth with.

    There is the daily coin bar that shows that you get double coins, but those are not the actual coins you get. Everyone still gets the normal amount. However because it still counts till 45 (which then actually only is 22 coins). It is just impossible to get enough to get the fabled chapter. So even if I really wanted to commit to it it is just not doable.

    Farming for the chapters well that is a thing by itself. You can really dig into it and get on it and farm hardcore. This would mean that, since a x3 run takes like an hour (gives 7 coins). You would have to technically do 20 of those. Most of the times these runs get cancelled with someone bailing out not wanting to risk it so you end up getting 3 coins in the hour. So we are being asked to commit around 30h into an event to grind hard and maybe still end up with to short of time to get what we want.

    Event have to be fun and certainly doable. I am all about challenge and making an effort to get something, but this is too much.
    It is a big question even how you guys would be able to fix this. I am not sure if the x2 coins thing is intentional, but you dont get them so it is still not a solution.

    This small window to get such a specific item is actually a pretty cool feature, but make something that works then and not this.

    Anyway I really really hope you guys will have a solution, because this item can be very usefull,
    I actually agree that is still has to have an updated itemlevel and maybe even some buffed stats to make it comparable with the new arti's

    This is the end of my post
    Thanks very much in advance for fixing this problem cryptic :)

    I still <3 Neverwinter
  • darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,118 Arc User
    The only solution that comes to mind is that they give a fabled chapter to everyone doing like 40 coins or so. In hours should be equivalent in time to others. The problem is that empower the artifact is out of reach too.
    Lescar PvE Wizard - Sir Garic PvE Paladin
    Caturday Survivor
    Elemental Evil Survivor
    Undermontain Survivor
    Mod20 Combat rework Survivor
  • brb89brb89 Member Posts: 36 Arc User
    > @darthpotater said:
    > The only solution that comes to mind is that they give a fabled chapter to everyone doing like 40 coins or so. In hours should be equivalent in time to others. The problem is that empower the artifact is out of reach too.

    I dont think Is the way: for example i personally didnt earn 40 coins, because the difficult Is too much for me, and It take too much time. So i decide to drop the event, but i have all the other artifacts and neck piece. Other people maybe, cant reach 40 coins at this state, so with your method Will be penalized people that cant do this dung, when ToO theorically Is for all
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