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Blocking on pali

rev#7881 rev Member Posts: 343 Arc User
So here was i, randomly farming and was like ''Why aren't paladins allowed to attack while blocking?'' i could understand not beeing able to do it pre mod 16 because of the sanctuary mechanic, but now i don't know

Any thoughts ??


  • skrewfaz3d#1482 skrewfaz3d Member Posts: 107 Arc User
    My thoughts is that it sucks as is.. at least with sanctuary I could tell I was blocking in a crowd.

    They don't let paladins do it because that's what makes the other tank classes different. Fighters can attack while blocking. Barbarians block like paladins unless in Unstoppable.
  • karvarekarvare Member Posts: 216 Arc User
    You can activate divine champion and receive auto block, which allows you to attack and block half of all incoming damage as long as your stamina lasts. It will burn your divinity, but is a great defensive tanking option and for me the best use of divinity.
  • frogwalloper#6494 frogwalloper Member Posts: 821 Arc User
    I'm okay with the actual dynamics, but there are few things that I'd like to see:
    - certain encounters that can be used while the shield's up: If it's a verbal power, we shouldn't need to lower our defense to use it.
    - radiant strike: might be neat if it had a secondary use when activated while the shield's up
    - more tankiness in general. I mean, really, we've got 3/4 cover on legs. A passive increase to defense for simply carrying a shield would be very welcome.
    - The option to move the shield mechanic to another button for controllers. L3, and R3 are notorious controller killers. Merely playing a paladin may cost people upwards of 50 bucks a year.
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