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embellishment sash and neck..

So by now people have dorked around tales of old enough to atleast have the sash and/or neck for preview server. Are the stats on the pieces still just +1 to all stats. What are the set bonuses? I am on ps4 and haven't been able to participate in the first two as a healer ( need to upgrade everything on the sun ). Pre-mod 16 these pieces looked 'OMG GOTTA HAVE.' Now with stats have been nerfed into the ground. They don't look as attractive at first glance.


  • drdark21#0636 drdark21 Posts: 19Member Arc User
    i have the waist and two artifacts they give 10k Hp 1k pwr for every journal the lost mouth bonus and like black ice bonus and +1 all stats or something like that (not in game right now) i also play a cleric and will run the set and they should eventually hopefully make the artifacts lvl 80 compatible since they made the neck/waist lvl 80 - also the envenomed is the best AP gain artifact in game which helps between boss phases i almost always have my daily up - i think the frozen is a good dps/support artifact if your class doesn't rely on daily
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