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Overpowered Armor Enchantment and Artifact



  • pando83pando83 Member Posts: 2,562 Arc User
    gweddry said:

    The sigil IS overpowered. It wins teamfights, tips the scales considerably in 1v1, extends stalemates grossly, it stacks when used on top of one another and probably more reasons that I'm forgetting now. This has nothing to do with good players or pugs, you shouldn't need to be bis dps spec to get around a broken item.

    As a side note -- maybe sigil nerf would help pugs have their damage actually stick? If there is an item or a group of items, especially hard to get ones, that literally make the have-nots unable to contribute, that's bad. Yes, some players can burst through sigils, which is, like I mentioned before, a separate balancing issue (e.g. TR burst, meta heavily favoring crit lottery). If I were to fight my clone who would have sigil (which I've never used), the clone would beat me significantly more often than not, and this is much more true for players that aren't bis dps build.

    This. Agree 100%. Other than this, for the 100th time, the devs said time ago, when reworking PvP, that their aim was to make it so that no matter the difference in gear and build, no player would be able to win or hold out for long when outnumbered.
    Everything else is the exact, same blabbering i've read for years. It's pretty clear what's broken in PvP right now. The rest is copy/paste BS we've literally read for years, from the very same "elite" PvPers that killed PvP. Some players still do not understand that you can't balance PvP using the feedback of the BiS top 10 guys, because not everything scales the same way. You should not need BiS stat leveles, tuned to perfection, to get around a broken item. You can't balance PvP based on the 0,5% of top players, because 99,5% of the players do not play that way or have the same gear.
  • stark760stark760 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 629 Arc User
    1 Sigil in a round is one thing. I don't like that it heals teammates as much as it does, because in 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3, usually the team with a sigil absorbs damage and can tip scales most of the time. When dealing with 3-4 a match sometimes, that's when I think it gets a little ridiculous. Yes, 1 sigil can be "burned" through, but takes longer. If other teammates overlap them( and are running soulforged as well), that becomes almost impossible. If team has a dedicated healer as well...turns into totally lopsided match from the start.
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