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[PC] Can't invite friend to party

marcioandremarcioandre Member Posts: 19 Arc User
Ok, I have been playing Neverwinter with my wife, we are both level 22 (me as Warlock, she as Cleric).
Problem is: I can invite her to my party, but she can't invite me into her party, while being alone and not in a party.

We've completed all the starter quests so Sargeant Knox doesn't have any more quests for us now, so what is wrong here?



  • nic1985nic1985 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 415 Arc User
    @marcioandre Have you two check your social settings? Press O, Preferences bottom right, make sure you "Looking for Party".

    Alternatively, press O, select My Party tab, type in name, click invite.

    Hope its help, I think it could be in the preference/social settings that prevent someone from getting party invite.

  • marcioandremarcioandre Member Posts: 19 Arc User
    Thanks a lot!

    Yes I did made that option for myself so I didn't get random party invites from strangers, and ended up preventing my wife to invite me instead.

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