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Uprising Preview Patch Notes: NW.115.20190729E.12

dinothar#3332 dinothar Posts: 11 Member, Cryptic Developer Cryptic Developer
Release Notes
Note: We may have included patch notes for issues that were never present on Preview.
Note: This is not an all-inclusive list of fixes, but a snapshot of the many fixes we are doing.

Known Issue
  • Stronghold Decorations: The Calm Mage cannot be donated to the Stronghold Guild hall.
  • Dragonborn cannot equip the 3 Head items that grant appearance to their race.

Notable Changes

Content and Environment
Tower of the Mad Mage
  • During the all elements subphase of phase 3, Halaster and his simulacrum would sometimes use disintegration wave in such a way that there was no safe spot in the arena.
  • Duumvirate damage has been increased.
  • Duumvirate, Halaster's primary threat target should no longer remain frozen in place.
  • Halaster's double hypothermias did not target healers specifically if they were available and double eruptions did not target DPS if they were available.
  • If a phase transition was pushed early when creeping ice was active, creeping ice could remain during a disintegration wave creating no way to avoid the wave without walking through the ice.
  • Primary damage of Duumvirate is now unavoidable. (The secondary non-split damage cleave that goes much further may still be dodged.)
  • Searing chains no longer persists when one of the chained players is KO'd.
  • When a player who is affected by the magnetic attraction tether was KO'd it would immediately fire repelling or attracting their partner.
Items and Economy
  • Belt of the Mad Mage uses the correct tense in the flavor text.
  • Brutal Raider’s Tunic flavor text had a misspelling.
User Interface
  • General Fashion polishing.
Animation, Character Art, and Visual Effects
  • Gith hairstyles should clip less with the ears and face.
  • Updated the localized text for all supported regions.


  • lemollenlemollen Posts: 102Member Arc User
    What about glory fix? You want more people to pvp but reward them with 1 or 2 glory?
  • rafaeldarafaelda Posts: 624Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Known Issue

    Dragonborn cannot equip the 3 Head items that grant appearance to their race.

    Hope it really get fixed later, pls dont make me wear my helmet (with Jaar'ls Gaze) for the rest of he's exintance... dont wanna turn back from Dragonborn to other races now that i finally got the glowing eyes...
  • dolreydolrey Posts: 641Member Arc User
    edited August 2019
    Which bonuses/debuffs PvP effect gives on preview server?

  • thefabricantthefabricant Posts: 4,957Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited August 2019
    The Gear bonus, "T1t for Tat" does not stack, making it pointless to use multiple gear pieces with this bonus. It is present on the new, "leading ring of the sage." This is inconsistent with other gear bonuses such as Butcher's Might, Brute's Fury and Encounter Perk.

    *edit, this bird disapproves of being censored:
    _Lancashire.jpg/1200px-Eurasian_blue_HAMSTER_Lancashire.jpg" alt="" />
  • rev#7881 rev Posts: 132Member Arc User
    ramesh84 said:

    Hello there! Would be possible having an update on class balancing process? I've checked again warlock and nothing new came, hope that other 3 "useless" dps paths (aka dreadnought, arbiter and blademaster) had improvement in order to get viable for trial. Developing pace need to speed up on balancing imho, especially if you don't want to provide an unfair disadvantage vs other classes (yes, because unbound rings will be quite valuable on first days).
    I'm still hoping in a quick solution, please show us you learned from "scaling" experience and don't wait last second to fix everything.

    This was the last patch before launch and i don't think they would leave class ballance out of it if they had made any changes so, unfortunately, it is likely they won't make any type of changes to classes for the near future (note* check livestreams and other posts here and you will see them say class balance is fine).

  • thefabricantthefabricant Posts: 4,957Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    When reviving someone manually (as opposed to with scrolls) the game is automatically adding 5 resurrection stacks, which means the next death immediately kills you.
  • isaacorion#1994 isaacorion Posts: 106Member Arc User
    Lvl 71-80 Gathering Tasks are still only yielding 1 per task run, with the exception of Regalia Sand (according to the tooltip for the task, yields 12 per task run). If the Gathering Tasks are intended to be left at a 1 per run yield, then the new 71-80 craftings are going to be too gold and time costly to be anywhere near usable value, and this update is nothing but a passion project for someone who just absolutely cannot live without the new transmutes.
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    Barbarian: Am I beautiful... as I tear you to pieces? - In This Moment
  • rafamarques#5700 rafamarques Posts: 155Member Arc User
    Devs, there is the nature of your problems between players, balance, group synergy etc: damage dealers.

    change the function damage dealer for the old buffers-controllers. explore your caps - critical 50% that can up to x% - to do that.

    w/o a main dps, everbody will have damage as a secundary function, having fun exploring primarily your group support.

  • tom#6998 tom Posts: 820Member Arc User
    Eruption now also only targets healers, it should target dps if i am not mistaken.
  • djnasty93djnasty93 Posts: 108Member Arc User
    edited August 2019
    Ranger still got a big, giant issue, a bug that dont permit us to use a passive... when it must work

    -Call of the Storm
    1-Log Ranger Lvl 80
    2-Put Storm Step Action in you Passives slot
    3-Use one Encounter
    2-Use Call of the Storm

    Observed result: Call of the Storm Daily doesnt reload other power.
    Expected result: Call of the Storm should reload by 1 second other encounter as it is a daily and Storm Step Action its actived by dailies.
  • djnasty93djnasty93 Posts: 108Member Arc User
    Everyone started this game pointing at something, i point my eng game objective in doing Tong orcus in one phase, i seen doing one phase when i was buffer...
    now that its not possible anymore im playn a lot less, cause we all lost the spectacular Neverwinter, its become boring, every game its 100% identic to previous game... its that so easy that tong can be done in 5 dps (i done tong in 3 peoples) this is how to have fun now + spectacular and cool games, i made lomm in 4 dps one healer... there is no more Neverwinter show, nits so schematic now, so technic game, we lost Neverwinter creativity.. we lost engame Dc movement bonus, we gain power but we cannot use it to run...

    '' '' <-- One phase Orcus, i watched every video 20 times just to know if there was magic behind it, there wasnt, only timed people that know exactly what they need to do..
  • djnasty93djnasty93 Posts: 108Member Arc User
    You just follow someone critics, that your combat system was wrong, every single player can say that mod 15 combat system was a lot better than this new combat system... your combat system was unique, every game envy your buff system, your fluidity...

    we passed hours, we spent a lot of zen, restrain tokens, diamonds, to respec our builds there was so many choose that we loved that tree, so much creativity, so many choose for everyone, there wasnt a feat tree identic to other, because playstyle as we are human, its totally different from each player.. now we got so little things to choose (i have tested every build, i got 7 loadout, and i rescpec them almost 1 time) there is ONE viable build

    You follow the critic that can be destructive for your business..

    i hate mmo because they are like league of legend, fixed skills, fixed cooldowns, no creativity only technics..
    i loved neverwinter because was action hack and slash mmo, i loved trapper ranger because was really stilish, now trapper its dead.. im sad, you broke my game.. thats how we all feel... ugly sensation.+
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