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Gith Backstory / Supporting elements missing from Character Builder

I've made a couple of Gith toons on preview to check out the new race. However, the Character Builder doesn't allow for God/City options that align with the D&D canon for a Gith race toon.

Gith don't have gods, as I understand the lore - their only real allegiance is to either being a follower of Gith or enemy of Gith. And they certainly don't originate from the Sword Coast.

At the moment these elements have not been added to the character creation process. Will this be addressed in an upcoming update or are we supposed to pretend our Gith toons are natives of the Sword Coast, and followers of Gods the lore says they despise/ignore?


  • garrolgarrol Posts: 19Member Arc User
    Agree it is a difficult moment with charecter origins. I hope Gith will have a special choice of origin, but in fact all other races also needed to origin correction.

    For example dwarf shouldn't have choice for birthplace in Myth Drannor and be worshiper of Correlon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mens of Netheril should have choice to worship Shar or Mystril. Drow also should have choice be worhiper of Shar, Eilistraee or Ghaunadaur. And that is for all races.
  • rickcase276rickcase276 Posts: 1,234Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Best I would say is that everything they are doing with the races/classes was and is approved by WoTC, and right now they are the final say in what is acceptable or not. If WoTC wants them to change it they will change it, but until then probably not.

    I personally would love for deity choice to have more of an impact in the game, as right now it is nothing more than flavor text.
  • mikaleus#7208 mikaleus Posts: 28Member Arc User
    I also think Bahamut should be added as a deity option too.

    I was surprised it didn’t happen when they introduced Dragonborn to the game
  • kemnimtarkaskemnimtarkas Posts: 679Member Arc User
    Just checked tonight after what I presume is the last Preview update - still no changes to the character creation interface.

    Maybe it will be included in the M17 release. If it isn't - that's just really, really sloppy/lazy behavior, Cryptic.
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