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Summer Festival Guide

percemerpercemer Member, Neverwinter Moderator Posts: 576 Arc User
Greetings adventurers,

If you have never participated to the Summer Festival before, or if you are looking for other information, here is a complete guide with some tips about this seasonal event!

  • Overview
  • Currencies and rewards
  • Summer Feast Contest
  • Troll Fight Contest
  • Water Battle Contest
  • Collecting Flowers
  • Summer Provisioning
  • Sahha

The Greater Goddess Sune is known as “The Lady of Love”, or in older texts as “Sune Firehair” for the blazing red locks she is often depicted with. As the deity of love and beauty, Sune is known to have many forms and has been worshipped under several names.

Sune is the mistress of all that is beautiful and thrives on the moster tender of emotions. It is said even other deities have become smitten with her, but she reserves her love for the mortals who revere her name. Sune’s priesthood are known as the Heartwarders, and are among the most beautiful people on Toril. She is also served by the Order of the Ruby Rose, a small band of warriors who seek to preserve all that is beautiful from the wickedness of the world.

The worship of Sune is most prevalent in civilized areas and among the aristocracy, who have the time to give proper attention to values such as romantic love and the preservation of beauty. However; even the roughest souls have been known to whisper a quick prayer to Sune before an encounter with the one they most desire.

During the Summer Festival event, there are two main currencies:
Favors of Sune and Fireblossom Petals.

Favors of SuneYou can obtain once a day a Favor of Sune (so a total of 21) by completing the daily quest “Favor of Sune” from the High Priestess of Sune, Yina Morradi. This currency can be exchanged for presents in the Tribute store.

  • Fungal Flail Snail (21 Favor of Sune)
  • Water Horse (18)
  • Sunite Steed (15)
  • Blue Ribbon Pig (15)
  • Armored Boar (10)
  • Flowers for Everyone! (1 - it contains 220 Fireblossom Petals)
Fireblossom PetalsFireblossom Petals is the common currency that can be obtained by almost any means of the event:

Daily quests
  • Favor of Sune: 65 (so a total of 1820 if completed each day)
  • Summer Celebration: 90 (so a total of 2520 if completed each day)
  • Bronze reward: 15
  • Silver reward: 30
  • Gold reward: 45
  • Flowers for Everyone!: 220
  • Flower Gathering Reward: 15
  • Piñata: 3-13
These amounts are doubled during the last week of the event, called “Height of the Summer Festival” (except for the totals calculated on this basis). Please note that you have to spend all Fireblossom Petals you have because it is reset after the event. You can exchange it at the petal store from Midsummer Priestess for:

  • Forest Flail Snail (5600)
  • Pig (4200)
  • Chef's Toque (2600)
  • Chef's Double Breasted Jacket (2600)
  • Chef's Whites (2600)
  • Sunite Garb (2600)
  • Farmer's weapons (1700 or 850*2)
  • Sunite weapons (1700 or 850*2)
  • Decanter of Endless Water (700)
  • Everlasting Water Bucket (700)
  • Bottomless Waterskin (700)
  • Piñata (50)
  • Small Fireworks (30)
  • Small Party Popper (15)
  • Watermelon Sorbet (15)
  • Squash Soup (15)
  • Caprese (15)
You're not going to get bored with all the activities to do during the Summer Festival. Let's talk first about the three contests. Each contest lasts 15 minutes, followed by a 5-minute break. Remember, you will receive 15 Fireblossom Petals as Bronze reward, 30 Fireblossom Petals as Silver reward and 45 Fireblossom Petals as Gold reward. You also might have a chance to win a binds on equip item from event stores, mostly Piñatas.

Summer Feast Contest

Neverwinter’s Summer Festival hosts thousands of revelers during its celebration, and many will join in the feasting. Thanks to the largess of Lord Neverember the Festival is never wanting for victuals, but recent events have left the entire region short-handed for farm workers.

In order to keep the festival fed, local farmers have created contests out of farm work to attract the help of the Summer Festival’s revelers. Thus the festival now sees able bravos and adventurers chasing chickens and herding pigs. The Heartwarders say that Sune herself has blessed this alteration to the festival, and will sometimes send a special celestial bird as a reward for all the hard work and good fun.

During this contest, your objective is therefore to gather corn and to herd animals and bringing them to the farm. Players with a faster mount will have an advantage for this contest.

Gathering Summer Corn: There are stalks of corn east and north of the farm that can be harvested. Each stalk will randomly between 1 and 8 Summer Corn. There is no limit to how many Summer Corn you can carry, but you must turn in corn in bundles of 10 by interacting with one of the many boxes and barrels inside the farm.

Herding animals: To herd, stand near and target an animal. A yellow 30 second timer will appear above its head - if there is a crossed red circle, it means that this animal is already considered herded by another player. The animal will attempt to move in the opposite direction away from its current herder. If the timer is exceeded or if the distance between animal and the herder becomes to great, the animal runs away and becomes available for herding again at its initial position. Chickens are in all directions around the farm, while pigs are further north. Look for Henrietta the Golden Chicken when she will be summoned by Sune somewhere around the farm!

  • 2 points for a chicken
  • 5 points for 10 summer corn
  • 7 points for a pig
  • 30 points for Henrietta the Golden Chicken.
Troll Fight Contest

The Summer Festival is traditionally a time of feasts and festivity to celebrate bounty and bring good cheer to one and all. Now that Neverwinter’s recovery is well underway, the Heartwarders of Sune are glad to return to this tradition, and plan for a great feast at this year’s Summer Festival.

Unfortunately, a local tribe of trolls has caught scent of the Midsummer Festival’s grills. Trolls normally avoid fire and so eat their food raw, but they are known to take advantage of cook-fires to steal roasted meat for themselves. If not stopped by force, they will often make a meal of the cook in the process.

To combat this problem, the Heartwarders have revived another Summer Festival tradition: contests of martial skill. Now adventurers of all types compete to defend the Summer Festival from troll raids.

  • 1 point for a Hungry Troll
  • 2 points for a Ravenous Troll
  • 2 points for a Starving Troll
  • 5 points for a Gluttonous Troll
  • 10 points for Gormengeena
  • 20 points for Smorgengorg

Water Battle Contest

Summer Festivals across the sword coast are often combined with contests of martial prowess. The Heartwarders of Sune were eager to implement a similar contest as part of Neverwinter’s Summer Festival, but the city’s council of advisors voiced concern over their plans due to the large number of adventurers who attend the festival, and the possible mayhem they might cause.

At the same time, there were numerous complaints that the period of time chosen for the festival was simply too hot, and celebrants needed some way to stay cool.

Working with the church of Sune and Neverwinter’s restored academy of magic, Lord Neverember devised a plan for a grand water battle, solving both problems at once.

To participate to this water battle, you can pick up Waterskin in the area, as well as Water Bucket and Decanter of Limited Water near the lake. You can also use infinitely reusable versions of these items if you already purchased it at the petal store.

  • you earn 2 points by spraying another player
  • you lose 1 point every time you get sprayed
In addition to these 3 competitions, there are also other activities available at all times!

Collecting Flowers

Collecting Flowers is a noncompetitive event where anyone can gather Fireblossom Flowers at their own pace. Kobolds around these flowers also drop it. Fireblossom Flowers can be exchanged for:
  • 24 flowers: Flower Gathering Reward which contains: 15 Fireblossom Petals, 2 Summer Cloth and 2 Summer Thread.
  • 3 flowers: Tomato, Squash or Watermelon
Summer Provisioning

Summer Provisioning is the event profession that allows you to craft event food (Caprese, Squash Soup, Watermelon Sorbet, Grand Summer Feast and Hero’s Feast), Sunite Fashion,
Fireblossom Petals, and other items to celebrate.

Please note that you need to have completed the profession tutorial quests and visit your workshop to accept the application of the Summer Artisan. The Summer Artisan is level 1 and you have 69% chance to successfully create the
Sahha Ticket-Ball. If you use this means, we recommend you to level up the Summer Artisan until level 6 in order to have 100% chance to successfully create it.


All the way from Amn, the popular 5 vs. 5 team-based sport sahha has come to the Sword Coast! This should be one of the most important activities for you as you might have a chance to obtain fabulous rewards, like the legendary
Tenser's Floating Disk of your dreams!

Origins of Sahha

Layfolk the world over have played some variation of handball since time immemorial. Until recently, no variation has ever gained much in the way of popularity outside of its regional roots. The origin of sahha, therefore is an unexpected tale of the game’s quick rise to favor.

That tale takes us to Amn, where after years of steady decline, House Bessail – a wealthy merchant family – was its death throes. Having inherited the house from his business-challenged, late father, Valenti Bessail was desperate for a financial breakthrough. In a bid to avoid bankruptcy, Valenti bet on a business venture inspired by his eldest sister’s eccentric pastime, a local variation of handball.

Valenti commissioned his most trusted sailmaker the young Rhaal Voleau, to make a ball using sailcloth decorated with lavish ornamentation. Unlike common handballs made from cheap, heavy leather and animal bladders, this ball was to be as beautiful as it was lightweight.

Accompanied by his eldest sister Tche, Valenti took holiday at a family friend´s estate on Lake Esmel where the most affluent Amnian families spend midsummer. His bet was that the elegance and novelty of these new balls would prove too tantalizing to the avant-garde sensibilities of the wealthy for them to resist investing. Valenti was right and the young and fashionable among the high houses clamoured to order their own paraphernalia, each eager to be ahead of the trend and promote their status.

Only a few summers later, the variation of handball played with the sailcloth balls, dubbed "sahha" had become a mainstay of summer reaction at Lake Esmel. Many high houses began sponsoring teams and the outcome of games became a popular subject in betting parlors. Thanks to its popularity in high society it soon gained traction among all classes of Amnian society, due in no small part of the spirited campaigning of Valenti and his sisters.

Introductory quests (level 15 and above)

1/ Take the quest Summertime Sahha from Yina Morradi and go speak to Tche Bessail about sahha.
2/ Take the quest Enchiridion of the Volley from Tche Bessail and then purchase and learn Enchiridion of the Volley.
3/ Take the quest For Love of the Game from Tche Bessail and go speak to Rhaal Voleau.
4/ Take the quest Your Very Own Sahha Ball, and after completing it you will be able to receive it again as a daily quest.

Note: The daily quest offers you the possibility to choose between collecting flax flowers in order to obtain materials used to craft a Sahha Ticket-Ball via the profession “Summer Provisioning”, or playing a match of sahha in order to obtain directly a Sahha Voucher for a free Sahha Ticket-Ball in the ZEN Market.

Sahha queue

During the Summer Festival, a new event queue is available: the Sahha queue. You must play at least one match to complete your fourth introduction quest. Once onto the pitch, your powers will be swapped out with sahha-based powers like “Volley” with more unlockable powers. The objective is simple: 2 teams of 5 players, and you have to score by bringing in the Sahha ball in the opponent's goal.

Sahha ticket-ball

Note: one should not confuse Sahha ticket-balls and simple Sahha balls which can purchased to be able to play all year round.

It's time to call on your friends and guild mates because ideally, a group of 5 players will necessarily bring you more rewards. Once your party is ready, place your Sahha ticket-balls in your action bait in order to summon it. The purpose is that the ball, once thrown, you have to hit it so it doesn't touch the floor again.

The tip is is to place yourself under a bridge, therefore the ball will stay above your head, and you only have to hit it. You have the choice between hitting the ball alone, it will take longer, but you can hit it 30 times (so you will have 30 volleys per ball), or several members of your group can hit it at the same time, it will be faster, but you will only get between 20 and 25 volleys. If you want more challenge, try to do this without using a bridge by forming a circle with your friends ;)

As you can see from the description of the Sahha ticket-ball, you might receive
Fireblossom Petals and Copper Tickets every time you hit it. Once you did more than 150 hits (volleys), therefore you can also obtain Silver Tickets, and Mithral Tickets after 300 volleys.


imageCopper Tickets can be traded for:
  • Flowers for Everyone! (15)
  • Favor of Sune (30)
  • Enchiridion of the Volley (48)
  • Codex of the Check (48)
  • Fundamentals of the Spike (48)
  • Compendium of the Set (48)
  • Body Paint “Dancing Clouds” (240)
  • Body Paint “Barbed Flames” (240)
  • Body Paint “Gilded Wire” (240)
  • South Sea Coutrements (320)
  • South Sea Sarong (320)
  • Ornate Sahha Ball (240)
  • Brown Boo Sahha Ball (320)
  • Red Dragon Sahha Ball (320)
  • Blue Beholder Sahha Ball (320)
  • Relaxing Summer Chair (500)
imageSilver Tickets can be traded for:
  • Jadeite (12)
  • Preservation Ward (10)
  • Azure, Silvery, Radiant, Dark, Draconic, Brutal, Cruel, Vicious, Savage, or Black Ice Enchantment, Rank 7 (10)
  • Crescent Insignia of Evasion, Regal Insignia of Courage, Barbed Insignia of Skill, Illuminated of Mastery, Enlightened Insignia of Skill, Crescent Insignia of Courage, Regal Insignia of Prosperity, Barbed Insignia of Aggression, Illuminated Insignia of Aggression, or Enlightened Insignia of Mastery (40)
  • Crescent Insignia of Evasion, Regal Insignia of Courage, Barbed Insignia of Skill, Illuminated of Mastery, Enlightened Insignia of Skill, Crescent Insignia of Courage, Regal Insignia of Prosperity, Barbed Insignia of Aggression, Illuminated Insignia of Aggression, or Enlightened Insignia of Mastery (4)
  • Golden Bell (30)
  • Strongbox of Influence, Surplus Equipment or Gems (15)
imageMithral Tickets can be traded for:
  • Midsummer Artifact Raffle (1)
  • Midsummer Epic Mount Raffle (1)
  • Midsummer Legendary Mount Raffle (1)
The guide is almost finished, let's take another look at the achievements and the ZEN Market.
  • Chicken Chaser: Participate in the Summer Feast Contest 10 times.
  • Florist: Gather 120 Fireblossom Flowers.
  • Shark and Nautilus: Play on Team Shark and Team Nautilus
  • Troll Wrangler: Participate in the Troll Fight Contest 10 times.
  • Summer Celebrant: Complete the daily quest “Summer Celebration” 1 time.
  • Summer Knight: Complete the daily quest “Summer Celebration” 10 times.
  • Summer Lover: Complete the daily quest “Summer Celebration” 25 times
  • Summer Sensation: Complete the daily quest “Summer Celebration” 50 times
imageIf you need a little boost, you will find in the ZEN Market:
  • Sahha Ticket-Ball (100 ZEN)
  • Bounty of Sune (125 ZEN)
One last thing: do you like Watermelon Sorbets to get more Power and Accuracy? Prepare it easily for real!

Once you know all this, you should be fully able to survive any warm summer!

We hope this guide was helpful and you will enjoy the Summer Festival.

EU Community Manager @ Perfect World Entertainment
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