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Fashion Overhaul Doesn't Take Belt Visuals Into Account

trgluestickztrgluestickz Posts: 753Member Arc User
The new fashion system doesn't take into account belt visuals, the belt section in the appearance tab is grayed out and says you can't change the appearances for this slot. This is a problem since the transmute system is no longer in place and anyone with belt visuals can't transfer their belt visuals to new gear as it comes out. Please fix this before launch.

Several older and low level belts in this game have visuals, here is a picture of my character wearing one of these belts:
PVP Rogue,
--[----- "Your friendly neighborhood spawn of Satan." -----]--
Main Character: MarigoldsTheShredder (Rogue Assassin)
Ingame Handle: trgluestickz
Discord Name: Marigolds🔪Gluestickz#2563
Full Gaming Name: Gluestickz The Gap Closer
Guilds: She Looked LVL 18 & Essence of Aggression
Alliances: Imperium & Vermilion
Platform: PC


  • anoreksjaanoreksja Posts: 82Member Arc User
    I bought the Mindflayer Belt for 2 million AD only for the appearance.
    Please Devs, correct it..
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