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BUG: Intro quest keeps coming back

baeyornbaeyorn Posts: 146Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
The Intro quest re-appeared after I did the Theft Of The Crown.

I had two quest choices once I rescued Sybella.

-- finding Honor
-- The already completed Intro Quest.

Do NOT accept the Intro quest again. it will teleport you back to the beginning of the Intro quest, where you wake up and great the rescuers whole pulled you out the rubble.

Once you meet with Linkletter, you are supposed to grab the spare equipment and stand by the campfire. And equip the stuff you just pciked up. Only, since you have already done the equip the stuff once, you cannot equip it again. It will not let you.

And the guards refuse to let you pass unless you put on the crappy equipment.

I signed out, deleted the character, and started over.. being sure to NOT take the intro quest again.


  • badgerpants999badgerpants999 Posts: 70Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I did this and can confirm that's exactly what happens. Please tell Knox the Quest no longer exists, as it's now part of the intro quest!
  • demenoss#9306 demenoss Posts: 58Member Arc User
    edited July 11
    As stated by others above with a little extra detail (hope it helps)...

    After getting my horse and going back to Knox, there where TWO missions listed:
    1. Theft of the Crown (the original, per 17 mission)
    2. Trail of the Crown (the new one)
    Selecting "Trail", Knox gave me the mission details as he should, then I was sent back to the mission list.

    Selecting "Theft" immediately sent me BACK to "Neverwinter Fields" like I just come out of character creation. The intro started over and I could not progress past the gate being told that I needed to equip gear.

    I did figure out something that may help. First, instead of deleting the toon, I went in and removed all the gear he was wearing and put on the gear from the crate. I was then able to get past the gate telling me had to equip gear.

    I did need to go through fight my way across Sleeping Dragon Bridge and save Sybella (again). The interesting thing was although I went on the same quests, there tutorial (Knox voice over) did not play.

    After that, talked to Knox in PE and all was mostly fine. The horse I had from the first run didn't work any more. Every time I mounted, I fell on my face. I had put coins (gold) in the bank from another toon and used that to buy a new horse and THEN I could ride.
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  • thevampinatorthevampinator Posts: 245Member Arc User
    Well I clicked on it because well. I saw I only had black lake area unlocked I wanted to see if this was the old quest. To maybe unlock all the zones that seemed to be there before. THen I got trapped in the start once again. Yeah this is a bug and there is no way out of it?
  • magneticmoosemagneticmoose Posts: 12Member Arc User
    Yep, same for me as well. I chose "Theft of the Crown". I chose poorly, and much like the Indiana Jones character, I too was sentenced to death be deletion.
  • wonhunglau#4762 wonhunglau Posts: 4Member Arc User
    I did the deja vu repeat of the first quest, like the folks above, but had no problem with passing the guards to the battlefield behind Linkletter, even though I was wearing different gear (I bought some from vendors in the market).
    What HAS been chafing my behind, though, is that mobs in various places in both Blacklake and the Tower districts are so overpowered, I can barely scratch them, while they wipe the district up with my toon and my lvl 35 Vistani Wanderer companion! It's not universal, though, being restricted to the first areas near the entry sections of both districts. For instance, I can go to Beggars Way or whatever it's name is in the Tower District and have no problem with the mobs, but once I return to the Waukeen way area, I get creamed. It's impossible to go through that area solo and survive to complete the quests.
  • waywardchampionwaywardchampion Posts: 10Member Arc User
    I started a new Gith Paladin character to test its functionality

    I encountered the same Theft/Trail bug but did not try to do the quest again. I have however encountered a couple of bugs that are not already listed here.

    1) The Nashers in Blacklake were impossible for my character to damage until after I had completed the "Hot on the Trail" Quest. I actually had to keep running back to the guards so that they could kill the Nashers for me.

    2) In the Tower District, the Orcs are cutting through my armor MUCH too fast. A single group of Orcs kills my level 10 paladin before I can even get one encounter power activated.

    3) The "Invoking the Gods" quest seems to be given at the wrong level. I am unable to invoke at either level 9, which is when the quest appears or at level 10 which is where my character is now.

    4) Sybella's dialog options don't show when trying to complete "The Seer" quest. The Dialog option box appears but the only option is to end the dialog. This makes it impossible to complete the quest or to continue on with "The Staff of Savaras" quest line.

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