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character issues since patch

mkso, i have various iterations of my tr on preview. only one can get logged in, the others get halfway to logging in, and then disconnect. the one which logs in has some un-named character bound item stuck in overflow.


  • mrsaesder#7297 mrsaesder Posts: 6Member Arc User
    edited July 10
    Same problem... what is that item anyway? You can discard it, but opening my inventory slows the client down so much that it takes forever to even try that. (A copy of another character only had one of said item, managed to get rid of that one.)
  • hitchslappedhitchslapped Posts: 161Member Arc User
    if it helps, i'm getting this in output when it happens

    2019-07-10 21:00:00
    Login failure: Disconnected from Server
    done. (4.80)
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