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Fireball cast time/animation is too long

katamaster81899katamaster81899 Member Posts: 1,155 Arc User
Does anyone else feel as though the cast/animation for fireball takes too long? Most of the time, the mob I am trying to cast it on dies before I can even finish throwing the spell.
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  • solanaceae#5995 solanaceae Member Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited July 2019
    Yeah, it's pretty long, and unlike Conduit of Ice, you can't switch targets in the middle of the casting animation, so it's not uncommon for me to get a few fizzles when trying to cast it in the middle of a fight.

    I wouldn't mind reducing the cast time, but I don't think it would be necessary if it just got the CoI target-switching. It feels like it's meant to be an opening encounter: guaranteed Smolder, covers a big area on tab, and long CD + cast time.
  • bifflincultebifflinculte Member Posts: 77 Arc User
    Rangers and clerics also have spells with quite long casting/activation times.
  • mongol69mongol69 Member Posts: 305 Arc User
    edited August 2019
    If you cast fb right after conduit or another fast hit with slow animation attack it will combine the cast time for a faster fb cast.
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