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Lowering player dynamic to combat lag?

luthor#3134 luthor Member Posts: 40 Arc User
I've noticed a change in neverwinters player dynamic since latest update. There are alot of people who enjoy the visual presence ingame. If it's limited to 20 players per channel/instance... it looks dead... especially in bigger towns like protectors enclave. This might be done due to combat server lag etc, but think about it for a moment. This can't be a long-term solution to this problem. It's a core feature of an mmo-rpg, where people actively interact with others. An instance of just 19-20 people, sometimes even less, just looks really dead. Especially in bigger towns like Protectors enclave. it is the visual presence of characters that are missing. Channel chats won't help. I think people will notice this in the next few days and weeks.

Also it has a negative impact on Newcomers as well. They will start wondering where all the people gone or thinking, there aren't many people playing it.
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