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Bane deflected too frequently?

vorphiedvorphied Member Posts: 1,870 Arc User
I'm about to throw my Bane icon out the window because it is deflected so frequently. My Paladin is overcapped on Accuracy, and the targets are your typical trash mobs. Anyone else noticing an abnormally high deflection rate vs. this power? I see way more than what the occasional 5% lucky deflect or whatever might account for.

I ran a cursory search for a thread on this topic and didn't find it. Sorry if this is a duplicate thread for a known issue.
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  • nightdagger88nightdagger88 Member Posts: 11 Arc User
    Actually i feel i have the same kind of problem... my pally has all the offensive caps capped, despite CA, and even mobs in sharandar can deflect my damage from bane easily. Let us know with something is really wrong with Bane.
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