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Has anyone developed a table for the increases in companion stats?

aslan3775aslan3775 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 191 Arc User
I have a rogue with a legendary Air Archon. It has 21,000+ for some of its stats. It is in the mystical companions, which i have at 13% boost. I also have a legendary Siege master and legendary Sellsword on the same character, both in the fighter companions (13% boost) and they have the similar 21,000+ for their stats. I think the bonding stones are 13s. This toon has the purple companion equipment.

I have a hunter/ranger with a legendary Air Archon. It has only 17,000+ for its major stats. (13% bonus in mystical category). The ranger is not as high of a level (level 80, but not above 17,000) and the bonding stones are 11s, not 13s. It only has the blue companion equipment.

I have an SW with a legendary Mini Gond. It has rank 11 bondings with blue companion gear and 12% boost. The max stat is just over 14,000. Other epic mystical companions on the same toon have higher stats. btw, I don't think i saw a 10% increase in stats when I promoted my miniGond to Legendary--maybe a 5% increase.

Is there a reason that the augment is significantly lower than the Air Archon? Is the bonding runestone providing a significant boost to the companion? The tooltip states that it does boost the companion, but not how or how much.


  • aslan3775aslan3775 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 191 Arc User
    Yes--overall i seem to get better personal stats with the augment, but i am seeing that some of the companions actually do damage and pull aggro from my Rogue and HR. But not all companions. The Air Archon appears to do some real damage with it's spin attack--but I haven't run the logs to see if it is real damage or just looks nice.
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