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Paladin / Justicar Suggestions

dayhjawk#5066 dayhjawk Member Posts: 18 Arc User
A new player here that has been playing paladins in games and mmo all my life. Starting from SNES with FF2 up to Diablo series, everquest, wow, etc etc. I so far am enjoying the hell out of Neverwinter's verison of a paladin. I am a new player, been playing only a little over a month. I'd dipped into some of the other classes, but only really enjoy the paladin so far.

With the recent patchs, some areas I feel like this class needs to some help has gotten a little better, but it's still rough. Seriously, like pulling teeth level rough.

What am I talking about? divinity. We have almost no way to get it back. There is no attribute that effects it, no enchantment stones to support it, it's just there. Granted, we get some back from blocking, and with the recent change to Divine Pursuit, we now get very little back for 10s after using an encounter power from out at-wills. GREAT! but it still not enough.

First off, I just want to say that when we block normally we only get 50% of our hit points as a shield, and 75% if we hit tab, and for some god awful reason it does go straight into a cooldown without activating, while we are under Divine Champion effect. Seriously, why? Just change it so if we pick unyielding champion, our shield blocking hit points is 75% even if not under the effect of Divine Champion. And instead add a damage resistance to the the effect. Here:

Unyielding Champion - The divinity cost of divine champion is reduced by 10 and you now block for 75% of your total maximum hit points. While under the effect of Divine Champion and Divine Palisade, you gain a 5% damage reducation/resistance to all incoming damage when blocking. That would seriously help out an area I feel is just clunkly and confusing. I would also remove the no stamina regen when blocking and instead have it reduced so that stamina still regens when block but at a much slow rate.

Divine pursuit's new change i'm not even sure if it's better than justicar's bulwark to be honest. I think both of them need to be adjusted. The amount of divinity you gain by while using either one of these feat's needs to be knocked up a little bit. Not sure how much they are currently giving back, as that information is not available for my knowledge. Whatever it is, it needs a pushed up a little bit. Also the 10s duration to gain divinity on at-wills after using, is a bit small. I think removing the timer, and just having it so at-wills gain a little divinity on use would be better.

Next up, is composure, basically the only thing we have that really effects our divinity. 10% faster regenerate is nice, but it needs some support. This is where Divine Pursuit's 10s duration would be a nice fit. Adding that here instead of there would work out much better i think. So now, you regenerate divinity 10% faster, and for 10seconds after using an divinity costing encounter power, you gain a little more divinity on your at-wills.

So that is my currently thoughts on the class, like I said I am enjoying the hell out of playing it as a tank, but the divinity side seriously needs some TLC. not just a little kiss on the boo-boo, some serious bandage and medicine to really make it feel better.


  • kharkov58kharkov58 Member Posts: 648 Arc User
    You forgot to add the need for feats not tied directly to powers.
  • obsidiancran3obsidiancran3 Member Posts: 1,823 Arc User
    Problems include:
    The feats are by and large poor as they don’t have effective synergy with either each other or with themes in the Justicar, or even add themes to the class.

    Aura buff effect is too small and often affects things in a 0 sum way or is undetectable.

    The “hidden pool” of Divinity recovery used to mitigate our ability to recover it is a specific problem because it is hidden. So you cannot effectively manage Divinity recovery because you never really know how much you have or are gaining from an action.

    Divinity recovery out of combat has always been too slow. In combat it has always been worse because it’s even slower and much of it is hidden as just mentioned.

    Aggro management is a problem because the aggro metre is misleading, as it’s only giving specific information about the enemy you are targeting, not the general encounter. Making its use unintuitive to players. Tank marking with a VFX is clear and readily understood, even if the mark is auto-applied to creatures that have a 100% aggro on the tank so everyone can see what is going on.

    Vow of Enmity is a critical part of aggro management and it’s cooldown is too slow, given its tiny damage to make it effective when dealing with high DPS groups. It should be a Divinity Power with 200 Magnitude and Divinity cost and otherwise function the same. Templar’s Wrath should be a recharge power with no Divinity cost.

    Tanks are supposed to have a 10% Damage penalty, in practice they have a 50% or more penalty. The tiny reflected damage they get from their class features in no way makes up for the loss of direct DPS output using encounters/at-wills that occurs for the Paladin at least when using their Shield.

    CC immunity when using Divine Champion is selective. (It works on some “eye” attacks and not on others.)

    CC immunity when using Pallisade is the same. You can actually be pushed away from your Pallisade. (Yes forced movement is a type of CC, the game needs to stop pretending otherwise or prohibit forced movement from pushing anything of a cliff.)

    Pallisade, like Dig In, cripples play when movement is required because it doesn’t provide CC immunity or enough DR to justify itself in many situations.
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  • darthpotaterdarthpotater Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,175 Arc User
    I cant say how much I hate golems un LoMM that pushes you while shielding or under divine Champion.

    Also Trobiand's red cone stuns you while shielding or under divine champion
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