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Curse Bite has hidden target cap, removes lesser curse beyond cap without dealing damage

drumon88drumon88 Member Posts: 142 Arc User

Ability text: "Forcefully rip Lesser Curse out of all targets that are afflicted with it causing necrotic damage. This power has two charges."

Expected behavior: Curse Bite consumes ALL Lesser Curses within effective radius, dealing damage to ALL mobs it removes the curse from.

Observed behavior: Curse Bite consumes all Lesser Curses within effective radius but only damages up to 5 enemies. Any Cursed enemies beyond 5 will have Lesser Curse removed from them without dealing damage.

Noticed this today during the intro quest for River District (Chapter 3: Going Undercover) while escaping the Nasher stronghold. I could successfully apply Lesser Curse to up to 12 mobs simultaneously via Hellfire Ring, but when I hit Curse Bite only 5 would die (they're weak enough that HFR takes them to 80% and Curse Bite kills them, so the ones still at 80% were clearly not getting hit by Curse Bite). When fighting 10+ mobs it's actually a DPS loss to use this power over just letting Lesser Curse tick.
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