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AD and items keep piling up...

sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,273 Arc User
edited May 2019 in The Foundry
Ever since the Foundry ended on April 11th, I am still stuck in collection mode. I have all these items I was gathering for prizes to hand out to people for beating my Foundry. Now I keep collecting and my banks are filling up with mounts, AD is piling up, and I have +5000 gold. :angry:

How do I make a Foundry contest without a Foundry? I am feeling so :disappointed: depressed.


  • kreatyvekreatyve Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 10,521 Community Moderator
    Guild Donation contests come to mind. Or some other type of contest with your guildies.
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  • greywyndgreywynd Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 6,220 Arc User
    *holds out hat* Alms for the poor!
    I'm not looking for forgiveness, and I'm way past asking permission. Earth just lost her best defender, so we're here to fight. And if you want to stand in our way, we'll fight you too.
  • hustin1hustin1 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 3,318 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    Sometimes we would hold alliance raffles after Dragonflight on Saturday nights. Participants would pick a set of numbers from 1 to 20 and the one giving out the prizes would use the d20 from the Wondrous Bazaar to determine winners.

    As for Foundry withdrawal, I'm right there with you. I've been playing other games that have a heavy storytelling focus. My motivation to play NWO is right around zero.
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  • mifiisumifiisu Member Posts: 205 Arc User
    Maybe try streaming the game and give loot to viewers (who play the game and maybe can answer certain lore questions or sth?). Or just lurk in the channels of other streamers with more viewers and give stuff to people in their channel or give stuff to other streamers to hand out.
    If you happen to be in the habit of watching twitch streams then there are definitely some good NW streamers out there who get more than 10 viewers at any one time and can be trusted to actually hand out the stuff you send them and also give you credit for it.
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,273 Arc User
    I gave away some free stuff today in PE. I was also talking about how Hieronius Glim needed a hand, if anyone can spare the guy a few coppers, it would help him feed his wife and 9 children. One player argued with me that if the man is unemployed he just needs to find a job like the rest of us. I think it is a sad state of affairs when the former NPC salvager in town is shunned by the players to that degree.

    Just handing stuff off to players doesn't have the same fulfillment as giving it as a reward for questing in the Foundry. :anguished:
    I saw an old friend online and he said I should treat myself to an orange mount. I got more than enough to buy one or two orange mounts but they don't appeal to me. Horses with guns, just don't sound like D&D to me. Also poor Goro Thay has lost his historical backstory due the missing Foundry quest. Maybe the next lead developer will have some fresh ideas for a new Foundry, you never know.

    Meanwhile, I have been running Sybella's quests. I have most of my people parked in PE for the start of the Monday weeklies then I plan to farm the event Tuesday night in the Dread Ring lairs.
  • shrineerune#9386 shrineerune Member Posts: 48 Arc User
    I know that I'm a bit late to the discussion, but perhaps if you are looking for some of the magic of the foundry you may find it again in an interactive storytelling experience? This might encourage folks to learn lore, or help build fantasy narrative based roleplay groups of folks that actually enjoy storytelling? Perhaps it could be an in game mail sort of thing, or you could put out a writing prompt and give an email address so that folks could send you their best short tale or even paragraph. The winner could have their story sent out to everyone that participated, and it could be the basis for the next story prompt? Something like that? It seems like there could be a lot of versions of this, as I know some folks are dying to share their character's narrative but have literally nobody interested to tell. It seems like the story prompts could include riddles, kind of like in an ARG experience. That would be tricky, but it sounds like something you'd enjoy designing perhaps?
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Member Posts: 2,273 Arc User
    @shrineerune#9386 ooh you are never too late to join my party! <3

    I had thought about this sort of thing, it will take some planning and organization. Then I wonder if the players will believe me or not. At the end of my Foundries I had them send some story info to me by mail. Goro Thay is a mysterious Drow Mercenary and at the end of the story you learned their true identity. Sending the name was all I asked to me in game mail. Mad Monty was a bit more challenging as I had puzzles set up and at the end of the game you are told the whole thing is another giant puzzle to solve. You needed to run the Foundry 3 to 5 times just to figure it out. When my whale friends return (mid August) I will ask one or more of them to role play as my cohorts in the drama.
  • shrineerune#9386 shrineerune Member Posts: 48 Arc User
    That sounds like fun! I admit that I don't know as much about the lore as I'd like to, but I think it would be marvelous to work to participate in some story based player experiences in alternative ways now that the foundry is down. I'd definitely be interested in talking to people about such experiences and participating, whether or not there was prizes involved. The experience of story building is the prize!
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