Cheap Gear: Is it Worth Refining?

tribbulater Member Posts: 180 Arc User
So, first up, my true confession: I play with cheap gear. Really cheap. Vistani -> Undermountain -> Blackened Jaw -> Red Feather Clan was the process. This stuff is either free or super cheap (on AH). I've barely nudged a toe into Undermountain because frankly, the current state of the game discourages playing at all. So I'm not looking for advice on the latest, greatest, ".02% better than anything we've seen before" gear.

I try to make quick, easy, cost effective sets because I play a lot of alts and no 'mains'. I don't grind for AD. I don't grind for dungeon drops. I just pop in, play a couple missions or campaign goals, invoke, clear crafting deliveries, off to the next char. I don't need 17k IL characters because I don't really do any content that demands them.

I upgrade my weapon sets (Vistani or Undermountain, depending on mods) to purple (because it's cheap and you get decent unlocks), I upgrade my Neck/Waist artifacts to purple (cheap, small but decent improvement), and I upgrade my 4 artifacts to blue/purple depending on the item.

Primary artifact is Cleric's Vault of the 9 symbol, the one that restores AP and gives a little heal. Waist and 2 artifacts make up the Protectors set (Greater Waist artifact, purple, Lantern Revelation/Waters Elah'zad, blue) and I toss on whatever 4th artifact is handy. Neck item is either Valindra's Favor or Black Ice, purple.

Prior to Mod 16, I was about to upgrade the Cleric Symbol, Neck and Waist artifacts from Purple/Epic to Orange/Legendary. At that time the cost was reasonable for the stats/bonuses gained.

Now, however, the + to stats is worth one-quarter of one percent on the Waist item, the Cleric symbol boosts AP gain from 15% to 25%, which is 'okay' but not great, the Neck item goes from +3% AP gain to +4% (although some people report that doesn't even work). The stat gains and IL gains are negligible.

The cost of upgrading the 3 would be, iirc (system is down atm), 5 Potency rank 4 Marks, 8 Enchanting stones rank 5, various preservation wards etc. It amounts to about 400,000 AD worth of refining materials per alt, I think... and I have a fair number of alts.

I'm just wondering if other people find it worthwhile to upgrade things like this? The cost/benefit ratio seems a bit off. Or should I just leave them as is until someday they fix all the currently broken scaling/boons/powers/insignias/bosses/RNGs and make the game worth playing again?