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Multiple tenebrous of same rank not stacking (NW.110.20190519A.2)

mesmerist8mesmerist8 Posts: 10Member Arc User
Having multiple copies of the same rank tenebrous enchantment equipped does not increase the proc rate.

Repro steps:
1) Log in to a character
2) Equip 1 tenebrous enchantment.
3) Hit things for a while, take note of the proc rate of the tenebrous enchantment.
4) Equip another tenebrous enchantment, of the same rank as your previous one.
5) Repeat step 3.
6) Compare results of step 3 and 5.

Observed Result:
Equipping a 2nd tenebrous enchantment of the same rank does not increase the proc rate.

Expected Result:
The proc rate should be higher.


1x r15:

4x r14:

1x r14 + 1xr15:
this one is strange, because the proc rate does increase, but does not reach the expected 15% proc rate. This could be due to the internal cooldown of the enchantment.
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