Where are the missing Lvl80 Red Feather Clan weapons?

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Haven't actually been running Undermountain as yet, since the current state(s) of the game doesn't exactly encourage game play. Unfortunately that means my characters have levelled to 80 just standing in PE and invoking. So I'm not familiar with what and where gear drops at the 80 range.

Looking at level 80 gear, I see blue/rare Red Feather Clan gear for every class. However, for weapon/offhand, there is a pair for Wizard (orb/talisman) and for Ranger (bow/axe), but not for any of the other classes.

Does Red Feather weapon/off-hand only drop for Wizard and Ranger? Or is the AH search broken? Not sure what is happening here.


  • tribbulater
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    Just thought I'd point out that it's been multiple weeks now, and only Wizard and Ranger 'Red Feather Clan' weapons show up on the AH.

    I am aware that Red Feather Clan (level 80 blue) gear drops for all classes in the armor/shirt/pants categories. Specifically talking main hand/off hand weapons here.

    Either the other 6 classes Red Feather weaponry doesn't drop, or it drops as BtA / BtC and can't be listed on market.
  • regenerde
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    It looks like the Red Feather Clan weapons for all the other classes are simply missing...
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