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Your apparent scaling that was meant to put us up 3-4k item level has improved my stats by 1%

adders79#8251 adders79 Member Posts: 72 Arc User
I give up. Demo is now bugged so you cannot even enter. All dungeons feel exactly the same as they did. Skirmishes such as Merchant Prince are still impossible as a low level group, especially if you end up without a healer. Literally how hard is it to understand that if we hit DR and ArP caps in 80 content we should hit it in scaled content. It is not fun to go into content and be 30-40% under all the caps. Enemies in EtOS at wills are doing 55k damage from some mobs after DR, because my defence gets more than halved in dungeons

I have stuck with this game far too long and again for the 4th time you bring out a bugged, untested and broken patch.

Bondings have gone up a massive 2%!

Literally if you are spending all week on this patch you need to re-evaluate your careers as it certainly should not be game design or coding

If someone like me who literally has no other MMO they like to play is going to give up completely shows what trouble you are in

I may check in again in 2 months time and see if anybody is left.


  • schietindebuxschietindebux Member Posts: 4,292 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    My char still stands in FBI and other dungeons with inacceptable stats far under cap, even being overcapped at lev 80.
    But hey: "Scaling is where we excpect things to be" repeatedly stated, until we believe what is told.
    Maybe some kind of brainwash until all of us start to defend this mess as other constantly do, chatting about all those positiv aspects that do exist ... being outweight by the fact, that scaling stays broken same as tons of bugs beside classbreaking bugs still are no even mentioned in devs notes and Skeletal Giants in TotDG same as endboss in shores and others move like being on steroids, 4 time faster than my char does, huge mess.. :)

    My 15year old nephew asked me 4 days ago: " Hey I was told you do play PC games/mmos, what actually are you playing? I play Fortnight, team up with me and my cousins, come on join us."
    Me: "Hm, I play an mmorpg, you know, runnning dungeons, grouping up etc."
    Beside the fact that I will not start playing a Shooter, I dared not to name this games name, since it´s somehow embarrassing and I would feel bad to even mention it, no need to mislead him. Stay with Fortknight and your cousins please.
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  • dawndilion#7316 dawndilion Member Posts: 40 Arc User
    > @baronstragen said:
    > To reiterate in a way that maybe someone who doesn't understand the cap system. If we are at the Maximum attribute levels for Level 80, we should be at the maximum levels for Level 70, 60,50, etc, and so on. THIS IS HOW SCALING SHOULD WORK.

    Now, why do players know this and devs don't? We knew this "fix" wouldn't work. It's been posted all over this forum, Northside made a huge post about it over a month ago on Reddit, the NW facebook page, various Facebook groups, even in the live stream players were saying "This won't fix the problem."

    So what was that about listening to the community? Can they *not* fix it properly? Or are they so bad at their own game that they don't understand a basic concept like stat caps?
  • darkheart#6758 darkheart Member Posts: 274 Arc User
    Sorry to say but WAI.
  • rapidstar#3272 rapidstar Member Posts: 34 Arc User
    I feel like the dungeons that were possible before became impossible or harder
    like demogorgon or throne of the dwarven gods
  • elsungaelsunga Member Posts: 51 Arc User
    No, it is about egomanic need to bring his own superb "vision" no matter if it works or not.
  • schietindebuxschietindebux Member Posts: 4,292 Arc User
    I don´t think it´s egomanic, they simply need someone to fix this mess, but there is none.
    And since there is obviously noone, who actually understands the minimum about the game code or even plays this game at all, we will be tortured.
    A vision without the menpower to get it run is nothing than a vision.
  • lordaeoloslordaeolos Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 167 Arc User
    I agree, scaling is still not even remotely close to an acceptable state. there are huge swaths of content not playable by low-mid geared players, and high Item level well geared players like me need to create special loadouts that go WAY past 80 stat caps for ArP and ACC just to play old content

    Many stats have 50% percentage caps, why not just apply player scaling to just Power, Hit Points and enchantments? This should be a quick change that would solve the problems the community has for now, while giving you time to actually fix scaling so that is in a place that won't cause the game to bleed players.
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