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Issues with the Seals of the Mountain

adinosiiadinosii Posts: 3,945Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
There seem to be two problems with the Seals of the Mountain.
  1. In the collection tab, there are Spy Guild pants and shirts. Those are not available from the vendor. This was pointed out earlier (either in alpha playtest or on preview - don't remember), but no response telling us whether this was intended or an oversight. It would be good to know if those items are obtainable or not.
  2. One of the Spy Guild items (the head piece) is pretty good with its 5% bonus and one piece is decent, but the others are inferior to the IL 950 items that drop like candy. This means that apart from spending Seals of the Mountain to fill the collection, they are pretty worthless. For earlier seals, we could spend them on AD, but that's not an option now. Intentional or oversight?
Make NWO great again, please....
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