Pall or Fighter ???????

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Which one is a better tank after all these changes ??


  • dsn1118
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    I dont know which one is better but I dont like playing fighter tank anymore. I played tank because I am not a dextrous player and dont want to subject "run or die" scenarios but even fighter tanks are supposed to hop like rabbits now. What is the point of playing as a tank if I have to keep dodging like other classes. I would play DPS barbarian or rogue if I want to play squishy character.

    My answer: Choose wisely.
  • dread4moor
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    Better question is "which tank is LEAST broken".

    Despite my Vanguard bias, I would have to say Pally Tank has been least gimped by Blundermountain.

    The ability to protect teammates with temp HP gives the edge.

    Vanguard has been totally neutered.
    No ITF.
    No tabmark.
    No whole-party damage-sharing (KV).
    A weak shield.

    And the most useless tab function in the entire game:
    The potty-squat. (AKA "Dig In).
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