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Undermountain companion gear

evanapos#2515 evanapos Member Posts: 7 Arc User
I finished undermountain campaign together with a friend. I did not receive choke necklace of the compaion but my friend did. I got the ring + the belt but not the necklace


  • mushellkamushellka Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 357 Arc User
    I have exactly the same problem. I also did the Waning Darkness quest with my friend and he received the Choke Chain of the Companion, but I didn't.
    It's about this item:

    Better to feed the troll than listen to the idiot .
  • arcanjo86arcanjo86 Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1,093 Arc User
    that quest is not meant to be done in party the drops only happens to one player and they didn't made the quest item drop to all party members, cryptic have trouble to learn from past example that this problem happened they fixed and didn't learned that players like to venture the story-line with a party of friends, devs time to step their "game"
  • hauta83hauta83 Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    They still haven't done anything about this one right?
  • evanapos#2515 evanapos Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    Nope unfortunately.. It would be nice to know if they are working on it or at least know about this. Minor update to this. The quest is called wanning darkness so until we have info from a developer, do not do this quest in a party. Just do it solo. This is a big deal actually because you cant get companion gear with accuracy. So devs please give us some love over here. <3
  • maruda#1373 maruda Member Posts: 168 Arc User
    on cw have choke chain
    on hr http://prntscr.com/nkm99v but no choke chain its again bug ?
  • gearoliusgearolius Member Posts: 2 Arc User
    Same problem problem for me, i really don’t want to do the villain thing to get one, please fix.
  • maruda#1373 maruda Member Posts: 168 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    One missing item"pearl ring", and the character loses about 12,000 statistics. Due to the fact that the scaling is kicked off, it's a lot.
  • evanapos#2515 evanapos Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    One way to do it without f**k someone up is to tell to a friend to get the quest. Make you party leader. Make sure you are the one kill the vampire boss before the dragon and then abandon quest and do it again with your friend as party leader so he can too take the rewards. Try this at our own risk though because I am not sure if it bugs for your friend afterwards. I think it doesnt but please do not take my word for it.
  • merik1999merik1999 Member Posts: 141 Arc User
    You can get as many rings as you want. I believe it's a bug...
    Once you finish the end fight you get the ring. But if you leave the quest at that point you have to redo the quest. At the end fight you will get another...rinse and repeat...I think they are bound to character on pickup though. I did not notice until after I equipped...
  • acutetoxicityacutetoxicity Member Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    Wish I'd seen this before.. Completed this yesterday with a friend.. couldn't even see any drops so he ended up with them. changed loot mode and leader.. went back in and he again got them all.. complete the 3 master expeditions and every time he got all the drops. I didn't even see one.. he now has 9 (like Quark's rock gauntlets, cardinal coral coif, moldy apprentice bracers, hell's heel crackers, etc) from this screwed up quest, although I finally one weapon from obaya?? or whatever her name is when you hand in the quests at some stage.

    As a new player who just paid for VIP and encountering some horrible bugs in quests (can't claim heroic rewards) I'm not impressed and severely doubt if I'll pay for more, which is a pity because I like how the game plays
  • stormbellstormbell Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited June 2019
    My friend was doing with me this quest and he don't get this chocker... We send them ticket, but they do nothing but nicely writing something like "we check and we can't do nothing, we report your problem to programmist bla,bla..." And they still doing nothing to help people with this lost... Oh what a nice job Craptic, Thanks so much...
  • evanapos#2515 evanapos Member Posts: 7 Arc User
    They actually made a change. The choker is given to you when you hand in quest now and not as a drop from boss. But I guess they did nothing for people that never got it before the change. I actually repeated the quest with a friend of mine and got the chain. Friend abandoned quest and we did it again so he can get it. It worked but that was before. They should make the quest available now to those who did not get it as a reward before the change.
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