Why Am I Stuck With Useless Obsolete Racial Ability Scores?

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When I created my characters, I chose my Racial ability bonuses to help the character. With Wisdom, for instance, to add to a Rangers' Critical chance. Now, Wisdom is virtually completely useless for my Ranger, but I am still stuck with those 2 points in it.

I paid for this character, I paid for this character slot, I have played and developed him for literally years. Where does Cryptic get off changing the value of my stats and then saying 'too bad so sad, suck it up'?

I'm surprised there isn't more of an issue about this, since most characters must now be perma-stuck with racial stat choices they no longer have a use for.

If there is a way to reset this, please enlighten my ignorance and I will happily remove one portion of my growing belief that 'Cryptic don't give a s**t' when it comes to treating paying customers with respect.
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    Sure, make a new character.

    In the end, racials mean almost nothing. It's 1-2 points that have actually scaled down in usefullness and power. Just get on with getting on.