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So, why was LoMM not available at launch?

adinosiiadinosii Posts: 3,739Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
edited April 30 in General Discussion (PC)
I found it really odd that LoMM was not available at the launch of Mod 16, as it had been available on Preview (and the alpha playtest server before that). Sure, it had some bugs, but really...it was in no worse shape than the rest of M16.

So, why no LoMM?

Well, I have a theory. Unfortunately, if I am correct, I guess I cannot get it confirmed, as those who know the truth would probably not be allowed to confirm it. Of course, if I am totally and utterly wrong, they could probably say so.

Here is my guess: Someone at WotC saw something in LoMM that they didn't like, and basically went: "This is our intellectual property, and you cannot do this". What it was, I have no idea, maybe some dialogue, maybe Halaster had the wrong beard color or whatever - at any rate - they presumably have a veto over things like this. So, Cryptic had to go back and fix whatever the issue was to keep WotC happy, which meant delaying LoMM until May 9th.

(just to be clear...this is pure speculation - I have no inside information whatsoever).
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  • artifleurartifleur Posts: 617Member Arc User
    edited April 30
    They also are holding onto the mountaineer weapons which are suposed to be available from the trade-bar store. I'd like to know why.
  • silence1xsilence1x Posts: 1,467Member Arc User
    artifleur said:

    They also are holding onto the mountaineer weapons which are suposed to be available from the trade-bar store. I'd like to know why.

    I think the answer to both questions is that they didn't want a rush to BIS. With the dungeon locked and the weapons not in the trade bar store, people are running Master Expeditions to get their gear. This gives them time to adjust anything in the last dungeon, see how many new packs are sold, check the pulse of the economy, etc. Since the weapons are in the $150-$200 pack, they'll probably wait quite a while before they are put into the store in my opinion. I hope I'm wrong.
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  • darkheart#6758 darkheart Posts: 208Member Arc User
    I hate to say it, but think the dungeon wasn't dropped with rest of mod was their way to gate this a little.

    While there isn't a daily gate, by holding off two weeks from release day, it still serves the same purpose of holding people of from running the dungeon on day 2 or 3.
  • ecrana#2080 ecrana Posts: 1,140Member Arc User
    An artificial timegate. Instead of waiting 4 weeks to get through a currency campaign to unlock a dungeon they're holding it off manually.

    Your theory could hold some weight as well since there's been absolutely no communication to explain the delay. On the other hand....when has communication been a strong point around here?
  • darthpotaterdarthpotater Posts: 565Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I think they realized that the dungeon was too easy with 66k Capping all stats and will come with a harder dungeon that will need 80k.
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  • mtlmortismtlmortis Posts: 19Member Arc User
    There is enough things being done with a new expansion that they don't need to intentionally add problems on top of that. They can fix launch problems, then worry about adding stuff then.
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