F-Society GH20 recruiting active daily players!

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F-society is a diverse guild/alliance with members in Europe, Americas and Australia. We are working to get members ready for Mod 16 and are looking for friendly/active players who would like to do the same. If you are currently in an elitist guild where you are uncomfortable or can't ask questions then please consider F-society. We are family friendly and run most content regularly. Please feel free to PM myself within the ARC forums or in game: [email protected] Find us anytime within the guild utility in game and have recruiting officers online to answer any questions. Thanks!
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  • xcessiveforce40
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    Active and recruiting! Small Friendly Alliance
    Founder: Xcessiveforce GF, Xcessiveheals DC, XcessiveRange HR, XcessiveArcana CW, XcessiveStab TR
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    I've been in F-Society for what seems like forever. We've had players come and go and over the years been a part of several alliances before helming the one we are in now. Our guild leader is really helpful and when I was struggling he sent me all kinds of information on builds and rotation, helped me farm for the spider armor from etos like 50 times before it dropped and the only thing he ever asked was that I pay it forward. I have to say that has been one of my favorite parts of being a member. I was a recruiter myself for a time but real life has taken me away from that aspect of the game but I still try to pay it forward and help newer members of the guild and alliance. It hurts when we help people that just leave and we feel a bit dirty and used but the members that stay, and contribute are just amazing. We've had several members who left to seek out something more that after a while returned finding that the grass wasn't greener on the other side. We have a psn community and several super active officers that post builds tips and such. Having been through different alliances we've seen our share of drama and nonsense but since forming our own, I can say that the drama has been minimal, and i know all guilds claim that but it's really proven to be true. We have a handful of endgame players, and a bunch of middle of the road people, along with some newer players and its really been nice. our chat is quiet at times but its also rambunctious and busy at others. I work a crazy schedule and often don't get on until 2 am but I can find groups or help even at 2 am to run an ME on my tank, poor girl is struggling with dps, but there are always people to help if I ask.
    So as a member, a former officer, and a casual player, you now have my insight into F-Society. If you are looking for a guild I hope this helps