My Mod 16 feedback

elsunga Member Posts: 51 Arc User
First of all the positives:

Graphic team did excellent job. New location are impressive, have really good atmosphere and I only hope we will get some more stuff in Undermountain area in future. The story is enjoyable and even there is a lot of fantasy cliché, it works. Overall I have to say quality of graphic design and writing impressed me a lot.

Then neutrals:

I know a lot of people dislike new reworked and simplified system of abilities etc. For me it is not an issue. I came back to game after nearly two years and I forgot a lot. My gear and stuff was average, so I don't feel I lost anything. In fact I am quite happy, I got some nice stuff from Undermountain campaign and several expeditions. However, I can understand frustration of players who have been playing Neverwinter for years, worked for their gear, companions and now, nearly all is "gone".

And finally negatives:

Scaling and lot of bugs and totally broken stuff.

I really don't want to sound as another enraged player, but guys, this is a real mess. It feels more like untested alpha/pre-beta release. There is so many things totally messed up. I have real doubts if team who worked on scaling system knows what to do. It looks like the basic maths of system are deeply flawed and I am really afraid we will end in neverending series of patches to locally attune mobs here and there and then find out it would mess mobs elsewhere. I would like to point out I think PROPERLY done scaling is good thing. But the current situation is far from good.

The scaling should still award player for upgrading his stats and gear. And mostly - if the scaling makes old locations still somehow challenging, it should reflect in its rewards. What is the point to do some older stuff, if the rewards are totally worthless? If you wanted to scale difficulty, you should rework rewards too. In current situation the only rewarding stuff goes from Undermountain expeditions. It will bring some nice numbers for first few months, how expeditions are "popular" etc. But then, only hardcore grinders will stay and a lot of people will be bored and leave. I had hope you would rework rewarding system to make old location worth to visit again.