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Companion Search Options Needed for AH

vendoodvendood Member Posts: 77 Arc User
edited April 2019 in General Discussion (PC)
Currently there appears to be no way to tell from the AH (or other in-game sources), whether a companion is Invoker, Fighter, Beast etc. Also no way to tell if their bonus ability goes into your Offense, Defense or Utility slots.

Fairly key info that is needed when trying to acquire new companions, I would think.

They could address this in the short term by adding or repurposing some of the search category slots in the Auction interface. Where we put in Class or Enchantment type, for instance, could become Category (Fighter, Invoker etc) and Companion type (Offense, Defense, Utility).

Or they could add two new dropdowns for it, like the 'Stats' dropdown that appears when searching for some types of equipment. Either way, when we need to fill a Defense slot with a new Mystical companion, there is currently no way to do so other than heading out of game to player made lists like Rainiers 'Mod 16 Pocket Wiki' and searching through the list one by one til you find a match, then tabbing back to the game and searching the AH to see the prices on that one, then tabbing back out to find the next one, etc.



  • thetoothpick#9832 thetoothpick Member Posts: 21 Arc User
    Couldn’t agree more with you, stupidly overlooked. This was probably the most inexcusable thing to not have in.
  • tribbulatertribbulater Member Posts: 179 Arc User
    In the name of the Free Alliance of Charitable Mercenaries Who Nonetheless Won't Work Unless They're Paid Appropriately, I approve this suggestion.

    Seriously, how are we supposed to build a half decent set of companions/bolster bonus/fill our O/D/U slots without some sort of search tool or even a listing on the character preview info?
  • kinamara#3934 kinamara Member Posts: 108 Arc User
    its not in the AH but if you look on the collections the section it is in tells you what each comp is. a bit annoying but yeah thats about the only way to know before before buying atm.
  • lucadamingolucadamingo Member Posts: 43 Arc User
    This was just laughable.Seriously just not giving a F.
  • cdnbisoncdnbison Member, NW M9 Playtest Posts: 806 Arc User
    Not only do they need that option in the AH, they need to display the companion and bonus type on the companion tooltip - that way you don't find the stat / bonus you want, only to find out that it doesn't fit in the slot you have available.

    On the AH, we should be able to narrow things down to "I'm looking for a (uncommon-legendary) companion of (Beasts / Fighters etc) type with a(n) (defence/offense/utility) bonus that adds (this stat).", and we shouldn't have to guess / hope / pray / research on these things when we find a new companion (slot type especially).
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