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I posted here because this HAS to be a mistake.



  • eversummer#1666 eversummer Member Posts: 59 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    Adding the Chult intro quest to the list - Heart Of Darkness, on the Chultan Shores.

    Cannot complete it, during the phase with the Raptor swarm, mobs are lvl 73.

    There are too much raptors spawning once you stay a few minutes there.

    Only way to exit is GM Help - Abort Quest

    (The Batiri swarm, just before, was hard enough for a fresh lvl 80 toon, and they were lvl 65)
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  • teamstephonteamstephon Member Posts: 166 Arc User
    edited May 2019
    i really hope they will fix as well Temple Intrusion for how im done with that place and that annoying deep crow for how she will not let me kill any of the mobs in there for how hard they are to kill so why would they make the mobs ight like there level 81 when there only level 65 cause i had enough of this mod while scaling where i do not like dying for no reason cause i know this is the worst mod they have ever given us but i really hope they will do some improvements while letting us have are companions in fights doing healing and damage for how i can survive without them why i find my companions useless
  • devnullloredevnulllore Member Posts: 160 Arc User
    Just an update, new patch and no fix. In fact my mobs went up to level 81!

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  • tyraeldragontyraeldragon Member Posts: 89 Arc User
    This bug is squashed!

    Hail and Kill,
    Ulfrik Dragonsyre
    Hero of Neverwinter
    Retribution Paladin of the realm
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  • wpeck890wpeck890 Member Posts: 1 Arc User
    So I'm bumping this thread because I'm having this problem now. Every instance quest that I try related to a legacy campaign is putting up mobs multiple levels higher than me (Rogue lvl 66). I go into Ch1:Attack at Dusk of the Maze Engines series and the mobs are 5 levels higher than me. Same thing in Mithril Mines of the Tyranny of Dragons campaign in Icespire Peaks. All of the daily instances from Tyranny of Dragons are doing it now. This just started happening in the last week. I dunno if it's related to my level or some bad code that crept back in or what but it's really annoying.
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